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Landscape Solutions To Create A Beautiful Lawn in Drought Areas

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Those who live in drought-stricken areas long to keep a beautiful yard. Traditional yards with natural grass and trees are not conducive to areas prone to drought. Homeowners can take hope in the fact there are landscape solutions to the challenge.



The main thing to remember when looking at landscaping solutions for your lawn is an obvious one. Whatever you choose can’t require water, or a least a lot of water, to thrive. While that may feel limiting, a little creativity can go a long way to create your perfect yard.

Picking Natural Plants

There are many plants that grow in desert areas, so there are varieties you can use for your yard to add life and beauty to your landscape design. Some ideas include different grasses, cacti, and succulents. Some plants to keep in mind include echinacea, mirabilis, Rhododendron, and calendula. Grasses that work well include Carex, Evergold, Cotton Candy Ornamental, and Texas Sotol.

Some people may not think of cacti as providing beauty, but they have their own distinct look. There is a variety to choose from to add depth and most have fantastic blooms that add color to your yard. The Prickly Pear cactus’ tips showcase a coral shade when the sun is bright and the Cholla Cactus is used a lot in landscaping because of its unique stem shape. The Pincushion cactus is small and round and adds dimension.

You could even fill your lawn area with a garden instead. Obviously, the plants you choose would need to be drought-tolerant. Here are 3 tips for creating a drought-tolerant garden.

Adding Art

Art can add a lot and offer perfect landscape solutions. Whether its a birdbath, a statue or a gazing ball, these types of things add interest and personality.

You can add artful beauty in other ways by using stone, wood, artificial grass, concrete, and pebbles. Stone and pebbles can be used for walkways to add more natural elements. Large boulders can be organized to create a rock garden. Wood, especially things like railroad ties, can be used to create steps down a path or border a garden area.

Artificial grass and concrete can be great landscape solutions because they require virtually no maintenance. They can be used together to create an art piece, such as a concrete path with artificial grass inlay. Artificial grass can be used in different shades to create a checkerboard pattern or some other art display. Artificial turf is also a great choice for things like a putting green or children’s playground. Concrete can be used to create different areas of your yard for different functions, such as a dining area, a lounging area or a firepit area. Learn more about using synthetic grass to create unique landscapes.


There are a plethora of choices for outdoor lighting and all can creating a dramatic or soothing effect while adding beauty and interest. You can use ground lighting for paths or spotlighting to highlight a garden area. There are outdoor street lights to create an ambiance as well as function as lights. Other options, like Chinese lamps, fiesta lights and even butterfly lights for bushes all add something extra that isn’t found in all yards. All it takes is imagination and personality to pick an awesome lighting option.

However you combine these landscape solutions, it is important to pick one solid design and stick with it rather than combine several. That way, your lawn will have an organized, cohesive look that you, your neighbors, your family, and friends will all admire.