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How The California Weather Is Changing Landscape Design

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The weather is changing California landscape design. California is known for its gorgeous weather but is also known for its lack of water, watering bans, and emphasis on conservation.

With many areas falling into dry, desert climates, residents are finding it impossible to have natural grass lawns. They require too much water and dry up in the winter. The alternative is to find ways to create a beautiful yard without natural grass.



Space Blocking

Some homeowners are creating different spaces in their yard for various purposes as part of their landscape design. One could have a fireplace or fire pit on a concrete patio while another space is set aside for a bar and dining area grounded with brick or flagstone.

Homeowners can build a pergola to cover their dining area. Gazebos are becoming popular to create a shelter for an outdoor gathering space. Recycled wood can be used for elevated or bordered flower beds for gardens. Gravel and stone can be used as filler on walkways, paths and garden beds. The ideas for creating a landscape without natural grass are endless.

Mix Landscape Design Elements

One style is to mix and match the elements. It can work if you use the various elements throughout your landscape design. For instance, the natural stone used for a bar can be used for a pool border also. Recycled wood for a patio shelter can also be used for furniture by the fire pit.

Go Local for Plants

For those who must have plants, many homeowners are opting for plants and flowers natural to their area. These are plants you know will easily adapt to the climate and thrive. You also know they will not require heavy watering.

Ideas for native plants include:

  • A variety of ornamental grasses
  • Cacti and succulents
  • Ground covers

Ground covers can serve a couple of purposes. They can hold water in the ground as well as provide green color along with blooms.

Look to Artificial Turf

Another option for those who long for the green, green grass of home is artificial grass. Using synthetic turf in a California landscape design is a fabulous option. Artificial grass looks and feels completely natural, but requires no water and is low maintenance. It looks great all year long and will stay green for years with no fading or fraying.

Pets and children can’t tell the difference in artificial grass and real grass. Your pet will continue to use the bathroom as he always has. However, it is easier to clean up afterward because all it takes is a spray hose.

You don’t have to give up on your yard. You can create spaces that are perfect for entertaining, family play, pets and cooking out without worrying about keeping natural grass or plants alive. All it takes is a little research and some imagination.