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Know Your Tools: The 9 Best Artificial Grass Accessories for DIY Turf Installation


Are you handy with home renovations? If you’re switching to synthetic turf and want to save a few bucks on installation, going DIY is a great idea! The first step is to prepare everything you need for the job. Aside from top-quality synthetic turf, you need to gather the best artificial grass accessories to help you lay the turf properly. Use this checklist to make sure you have the right tools ready before you start your installation project!


9 Essential Tools for DIY Artificial Grass Installation

Installing artificial grass is ideal for DIY enthusiasts because you don’t need complicated or heavy equipment for the task. However, you may still need to purchase tools specifically designed for turf installation.

Keep in mind that using the right tools can mean the difference between a synthetic lawn that lasts for decades and an inferior yard that constantly needs repairs. Your DIY installation toolkit should have the following:

  1. Tape Measure

You’ll need this to take exact measurements of your lawn’s dimensions. Doing so will tell you how much turf you need for the project. In general, experts recommend adding 12-24 inches to your original measurements to ensure that you don’t run out of artificial grass in the middle of installation.

  1. Gloves

You’ll be doing a lot of manual work when going DIY, and tough gloves are crucial to protecting your hands. Make sure they fit perfectly and are made of sturdy materials.

  1. Shovel and Pick

DIY turf installation begins by clearing out the area of any debris to create a smooth foundation for the best artificial turf. Use the shovel to remove branches, stones and other debris from the surface of your lawn. The pick is for bigger obstacles like tree stumps and larger rocks.

  1. Tamper Tool

Once you’ve removed all debris for the site, pack the dirt as tightly as you can using the tamper tool. This balances out the soil and makes it stable enough for the turf.

  1. Turf Nails

These will connect turf pieces, keep them in place and create a seamless appearance for the best putting greens and lawns.

  1. Hammer

A hammer with a long handle is ideal when working with artificial grass, since you’ll need a bit of leverage to hammer in the longer nails.

  1. Seam Tape

Seam tapes help you hide the joints and create a continuous appearance between pieces of artificial grass.

  1. Cutting Tools

Cutting tools like razor blades, utility knives and solid box cutters will help you cut the artificial grass into precise shapes and sizes. You will want to have some extra blades if you’re covering a large area since the turf can dull the blade.

  1. Turf Adhesive

You’ll need turf adhesive to glue down artificial grass on surfaces like wood and cement as well as seaming sections together. 

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