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Can Artificial Grass Increase My Home’s Market Value In California?

artificial grass

Artificial grass is gaining new respect among many in the real estate industry because of its beauty, cost-effectiveness and water conservation. All of that leads indirectly to better resale values of homes.



There is no direct link to installing artificial grass with higher resale values. However, most in the real estate industry agree it can directly improve the marketability of your home. That puts your property ahead of others on the market, which means it could sell faster and at a better price.

There are three basic reasons why artificial grass is a good choice to improve your home’s market value:

Beauty of Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass isn’t the same as it was twenty or thirty years ago. New technology has made it more aesthetic and resembling natural grass to such an extent that even pets can’t tell the difference. This advancement in technology is one reason synthetic grass has become a popular choice to replacing a natural lawn.

There are several shades of synthetic grass and it comes in both longer and shorter blades, which can be mixed for a more natural look. It stays green all year and is durable enough to withstand extreme climates. It also is a great way to control weeds.

This is making it more popular among HOA’s, all of which have strict standards of yard maintenance and looks.

Cost Savings of Artificial Grass

While installing artificial grass is an upfront investment, the money saved over 10 years is well worth it. There is no more mowing, lawn equipment upkeep, or yard services to pay. You will not need to buy as many chemicals because you won’t need weed killer, fertilizer or as many pesticides.

Your synthetic turf is meant to last at least 10 years, so you will recoup your investment over time.

Artificial turf also saves you in your water bill because it doesn’t require water.

The cost savings alone may be enough to lure prospective buyers to consider your property when you plan to sell but there is another factor that may be even more attractive. Synthetic grass will also amount to time savings.

The hours’ people spend on their lawns can now be spent enjoying them with family. For some prospective homebuyers, that could be the one factor that seals the deal.

Water Conservation

Ongoing droughts in California have made water a priceless resource. Water conservation is important and more local governments are issuing mandates to install conservation measures in new home builds. Artificial grass is an excellent way to stay within government rules because it requires no water. Some cities are even offering incentives for homeowners who install synthetic turf.

That could amount to an additional savings upfront as well as be a selling point should you ever decide to sell your home.

There are many good reasons to consider artificial grass for your home. It can provide you with more enjoyment while you live there and help you when you sell, making it a solid investment choice.