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Installing Artificial Grass Can Save Water!


USA TODAY recently reported that water rates in the United States have risen over the last 12 years. In some places, it has nearly doubled or even tripled. San Francisco specifically has risen around 211 percent during this 12 year research period.

Water is a very valuable resource we use in all areas of life, so it is important that we are constantly looking for ways to conserve this resource. Artificial grass does just that and in areas like California, it is important to conserve all the water we can!


Natural Lawns are Expensive

Harsh seasons can lead to a lot of water waste. Why not save the headache and install artificial grass? No longer do you need to pray for rain or install a sprinkler. Synthetic grass will be constantly green and will always look natural. Not only does it not need rain, but when it does, it drains easily so your lawn is accessible after a downpour. No more worrying about puddle or mud!

The cost of artificial grass shouldn’t scare you. Our turf uses the highest quality of materials, so you can expect our turf to last year over year, which makes the initial cost seem much less when you calculate it over the lifetime of the turf. Also, you will start making money back with all the savings from water costs and the cost of normal maintenance. And you also get to help your community save water! You will be helping save water resources and help keep local water costs down!

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