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Increase Your Curb Appeal With These 5 Solutions

Increase Your Curb Appeal With These 5 Solutions

Curb appeal does so much for a home. It creates an inviting look for both those who live there and guests. It also helps improve the resale value and marketability of a property should you ever decide to sell.



Developing a unique and aesthetically pleasing curb appeal doesn’t need to be complicated or costly. There are some simple solutions that will make a world of difference for your home.

Here are five unique ways to add curb appeal to your property:

1. Create bordered areas.

This is the number one thing you can do to add curb appeal to your front lawn. Having bordered flower gardens and other defined areas adds a sense of order and helps the whole yard feel manicured.

Establishing bordered areas isn’t difficult or expensive. You can use stone, bricks, logs, and cement to create the border. Some people who want a more natural look use small shrubs or flowers like pansies or a ground cover.

Once you have your areas established, you will need to fill them. You can use mulch, stone or a ground cover to accomplish the job.

2. Add color and height in flowers, trees, and bushes.

This aspect adds both beauty and drama to your lawn. It is good to have varying heights of trees, bushes, and plants to offer a more multi-dimensional look. It is also good to have some variety of colors, even if you are set on one particular color theme.

Another aspect is to have trees and plants that show color all year. That means to have some that bloom in spring and summer and others that showcase their beauty in the fall and winter. Be sure to pay attention to the color the foliage turns to in the fall as well. You will enjoy a variety of colors throughout the year if you choose the right trees and plants that have different colors of beautiful foliage.

3. Create a lovely lawn.

The one thing that makes a lawn look lush is green grass. You can achieve that with a couple of different ways. You can lay sod and maintain grass yourself or hire a professional lawn service to keep it looking stunning.

However, a low-maintenance option is to install an artificial turf for your curb appeal. Today’s synthetic grass looks like the real thing, stays green all year for years to come, and requires very little maintenance.

4. Use decorative elements.

Decorative elements include things like fountains and water features, statues, ponds, and simple things like vintage balls or yard décor. Some of these items are priced affordably while others are more expensive. Some require more upkeep than others, so be sure to consider all aspects before you purchase lawn décor. However, they are little details that can do a lot to improve your curb appeal.

5. Add lighting.

Lighting is another item that adds sophistication to your front lawn. Lighting comes in a variety of styles and can be set for a variety of angles for different effects. Uplighting can highlight certain plants while downlighting can add a more natural moonlit glow. Solar lighting can add both dramatic effects while saving money on electricity. Some people will add things like small white lights or butterfly lights to bushes and porches to create some night sparkle.

You can implement all of these suggestions or a few to greatly improve the curb appeal around your home. It will completely change the look of your house and make it a special place for all those who live there!