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Improve Your Business by Installing Synthetic Turf


Synthetic turf is becoming more popular for residential use, but some may not realize it can be extremely beneficial to businesses as well. You can improve your overall business environment by installing synthetic turf.

Improve Beauty with Synthetic Turf

Your business property is the first impression your customers will see. They will develop an impression from that first view. Maintaining landscaping on business properties can be a challenge, but synthetic grass is an easy way to get a great look with little effort.

Synthetic turf looks green all year, regardless of the weather. It will look green in the middle of a drought or winter cold. It comes with drainage that can keep heavy rains from pooling into puddles. It will constantly look uniform and give your customers the positive impression you are seeking. That will improve your overall brand.


Saves on Costs

Most business owners hire professional landscapers to maintain their property because business owners simply don’t have time. Landscaping companies can be expensive. Synthetic turf is low maintenance, so it will save you a lot of money over the next decade such as:

  • No more mowing
  • No more edging
  • No more buying chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides
  • Fewer employees to maintain landscape

Those you hire to maintain your landscape will have to do virtually nothing with the grass and can spend their time with other aspect of your curb appeal. You can use the money saved to do something else for your business, which can help you grow. You will also save on water use, since synthetic grass requires no water. Some cities offer monetary incentives for water conservation, so that could mean more money for your business’ bottom line too.

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Helps the Environment

Installing synthetic turf is beneficial to the environment. Reducing the amount of chemicals used to improve your business curb appeal is a positive for the environment. Chemicals end up flowing through the ground to underground water streams after rainfalls. Eventually, they end up in some parts of the water supply or in public streams, creeks and rivers. Reducing chemicals also reduces the amount that flow in runoff.

You won’t need to use pesticides as much either, which is also good for the environment. Studies show pesticides have a long-term negative impact on humans who come in contact with them. Reducing their use is a pro-active step to improve the health of your employees and customers.

Reduces Allergies

More people have allergies than ever. Employees and customers are both prone to sneezing, coughing and other ailments in the spring and fall when grass pollen is in full force. Replacing natural grass with synthetic turf will reduce the amount of pollen around your business property, therefore reducing the risk of allergies. A customer will want to be in your business more if they aren’t sneezing!

Overall, the convenience of synthetic turf for your business will help you grow. Reducing the time, money, and stress spent on outside landscaping means you can focus on issues that matter most to your business. You can spend more time on marketing, sales, your employees, but most of all, your customers and their needs. That is the best way to grow.