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How to Prepare Your Backyard for DIY Installation of the Best Putting Greens


DIY installation of the best putting greens is a fantastic way to upgrade your backyard and save money in the process. Since you won’t have the advantage of years of professional experience, the key is to pay careful attention to every step of the process. It’s entirely doable as long as you put in the time, patience and effort to do everything correctly.

One of the biggest mistakes that amateurs make with their green is failing to level the ground properly. You need a flat, even surface to get the right ball roll. It also ensures that the turf doesn’t get dislodged, wrinkled or get damaged when you use it.

Familiarize yourself with the six basic steps of ground preparation to help you get ready for your putting green installation project.

Preparing Your Backyard for Putting Green Installation

You’ll need a plate compactor, spirit level, roller, yard rake and shovel to prepare the ground for the best artificial turf. For more savings, try to borrow from friends. Otherwise, you can rent these tools. Once you have all the tools you need, get started:

  • Determine your installation area.

If you’re not using the entire backyard for your practice green, measure your installation area carefully using a tape measure. Mark the outline using sticks, chalk or spray paint.

  • Check the level.

Now it’s time to detect any existing unevenness. Sometimes you can do that by just walking or standing on your lawn. But to get the most accurate results, use an extended spirit level stick to gauge the extent of any incline. Use it over your entire installation area to see which spots need leveling out.

  • Flatten the ground.

The next step is to flatten your putting surface. Use your roller to displace the soil and leave behind a flat surface. This is necessary to prevent wrinkles and other installation issues that happen with a DIY installation of the best artificial turf in San Jose.

  • Lift the turf if needed.

If your backyard has a very rough surface or large incline, you may need to lift the turf so you can proceed with a complete repair. To do this, take your shovel and use the edge to cut through the artificial grass. Continue with a light stabbing action along the border of the whole putting green area. Afterward, roll up the turf and set it aside.

  • Excavate the surface.

Finally, get your trowel or shovel. Start removing the soil from areas that need leveling. While you’re doing this, continue to use the spirit level to check your progress. Once you’re done, take your roller and flatten the surface some more to get it ready for the turf.

Kickstart Your Project with Artificial Turf Express

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