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How to Choose Your Contractor


How to choose your contractor for artificial turf installationMany people are curious as to how they are going to find the right contractor for their artificial grass installation. There are a handful of ways to help narrow down whom is most qualified to man the helm of your artificial grass installation. In today’s blog we will be going over ways to help you choose your artificial grass contractor. By keeping in a mind a few key factors to consider. There is a plethora of contractors out there that are amazing and some that are shabby. Allow us to help you decide how to choose your contractor for your next artificial grass installation.


You get what you pay for!

how to choose your contractor poor installation jobIt’s important to note that when it comes to contractors, you get what you pay for. Generally low budget contractors means low budget quality. Investing in a more expensive contract may be more up your alley. Consider the reasons why this contractor may cost more. Experience is big when it comes to artificial turf installations. And experienced contractors and workers are not cheap. Of course you are going to go with the best that you can afford. But be sure to think twice if you’re considering a low price contractor. And don’t be surprised if he rolls up and is working out the back of his pick-up truck!



You want to see what they got!

how to choose your contractor get to know themBe sure to ask your prospects for their portfolio. Allow them to impress you and perhaps impress upon you what they are capable of. Remember, contractors need you as much as you need them. So let the contractor show you why you want them to do your installation. Check to see if they have done similar projects in comparison to what you’re looking to have done. See if they have the ability and skill to recreate your installation ideas and bring them to life. A lot of times, after seeing what a contractor is capable of you’ll know if this person right for you or not. As a rule of thumb, if you aren’t thinking to yourself “I want this contractor!”, you may want to shop around.

Legitimacy, why is this important?

how to choose your contractor make sure they are licensedBe on the lookout for contractors who are not licensed, bonded and/or insured! If there is some trouble in the installation of your purchased artificial grass you will be 100% liable for the damages and that would suck. If the contractor isn’t insured, licensed and bonded the contractor is not obligated  to replace whatever is damaged. you would basically be stuck with the bill. Having a contractor’s license guarantees at least some level of professionalism and experience in their installations. Generally if a contractor is licensed, he is also insured and bonded as well. But be safe and check with them just in case.



artificial turf glueAt the end of the process is really comes down to intuition (your gut feeling). You should be mindful of how comfortable you feel with this contractor. Are you confident in their abilities? Is there something about them that turns you off or concerns you. Be sure to give voice to those feelings and resolve any unsettled anxiety about making your decision. That way once you’ve made your decision you can feel resolute and not have any regrets. Hopefully this article helped with how to choose your contractor for your next artificial turf installation. Look around, certainly you’ll find your match nearby and create an awesome project that you’ll be happy you started!