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How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?


how much does artificial grass cost different types of artificial grassHome owners and businesses often ask how much does artificial grass cost? They also ask if artificial grass a good investment financially? With unpredictable weather and constant danger of droughts being on the minds of Californians, its a valid question. Replacing existing natural grass with artificial grass isn’t necessarily cheap, but is definitely worth looking in to. Financially, in this climate, installing artificial grass is great investment. In this article we’ll show you the how and why of it.


Variables Concerning Artificial Grass Price

  • Square footage of the install area and how much artificial grass is required (Artificial Grass is priced by the square foot).
  • Depending on which licensed contractor you have installing it for you and their labor force. This may include many if not all steps: Removal of old or existing natural/artificial grass. The evening of the install area with base rock (decomposed granite) with other possible requisite work like gopher guard or preventative weed care. Some contractors offer competitive prices see “how to choose your contractor” for more information!
  • The specific type of artificial grass. (Some artificial grass is of better quality which means more expensive than others)

Most installation by professional licensed contractors, including the artificial grass, price at approximately $12 to $18 a square foot. The artificial grass itself can be anywhere from $1.97 to $4.27 a square foot. Depending on how handy you are you can save additionally by installing the artificial grass yourself.

When will I see return on my investment of Artificial Grass?

Initially artificial grass up front is an expensive investment. Although over the course of 10 to 20 years you will have gradual yet steady returns financially from having it installed!

  • First off, you’re saving on the time and energy necessary for maintaining your lawn. Along with the tools, power, gas, fertilizer pesticides, anti-weed products and other resources used for said maintenance.
  • Annual and monthly water bill savings for sure.
  • Little to zero maintenance is required for artificial grass so what you paid to have it installed is all you’ll really ever need to put into your lawn ever again.

Typically, artificial grass installations normally pay for themselves in as little as three to five years!

To wrap up, if you’re interested in installing artificial grass at your home or business you wouldn’t be disappointed at the end result. There is a huge variety of styles and types of artificial grass that can fit whatever look you’re aiming for as well as your budget. And your decision to have it installed will eventually pay for itself. So try looking around and see just what is out there for you!