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How Do You Cover the Edges of Artificial Grass for Putting Greens?


In this guide, you’ll learn easy methods for giving the best putting greens a clean, professional edge finish. We’ll cover using edging materials like bender board or steel, burying edges in soil or pebbles, and integrating edges into hardscapes. Follow these techniques properly and your artificial turf will look like it grew right out of the ground!

3 Best Edging for Artificial Grass

The first decision is selecting your edging material, as this determines what installation method you’ll use. Here are our recommendations:


  • Bender Board

Bender board is the cheapest option and easy to work with for amateur DIY installers. Simply cut it with a power saw and hammer down along the perimeter of your green. While it comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, it’s not very customizable since you have to choose among pre-made designs. 


  • Aluminum

Aluminum edging is hard-wearing and sturdy enough for putting greens. High-quality aluminum edging can last for years with minimal maintenance. It’s harder to work with than bender board, though. You’ll need some specialized tools or you can accidentally damage the material.


  • Steel

Steel is one of the most durable types of edging for outdoor putting greens. It won’t decay, rust, or rot no matter the weather. Minimal maintenance is required, and it can last for decades. However, you need to be very careful when working with steel, since you need power tools and the edges can be very sharp. Best for experienced DIY-ers.

How to Install Edging for an Artificial Putting Green

There are a variety of methods you can use when it comes to edging your San Jose putting green turf. We encourage you to visit our Artificial Turf Express showroom for more detailed guidance, but here’s a quick look at your options:

Installing with Landscape Edging

Landscape edging is the most common way to border artificial grass. Here is a simple 5-step method:


  • Mark Layout: Trace the turf perimeter with marking paint, removing turf if needed to make space.
  • Secure Edging: Stake edging into the ground every 12”, angling pieces to form smooth curves.
  • Backfill Gap: Shovel soil behind edging up to the turf backing, tamping down. This stabilizes it.
  • Tuck in Turf: Use a carpet stretcher or push broom to tug turf over the edging lip, hiding backing.
  • Finish Surface: Apply polyurethane adhesive along the top edging lip then sprinkle colored infill to completely hide edges.

Burying Edges in Soil or Pebble

For a natural “bare earth” look, try burying turf edges directly in soil or pebble:


  • Dig Trench: Outline grass with a trench 3-4” deep — enough to hide backing fully.
  • Insert Turf: After laying turf, fold excess backing into trench.
  • Backfill: Shovel pebble or soil mix into trench, pressing down firmly as you go.
  • Push Edging: For a crisp border, push flexible edging into soil just behind trench. Tip: Spray turf edge with adhesive for added stability.

Attaching Edges to Hardscapes

Already have a concrete walkway, patio, or curb? Neatly integrate your putting green by following these steps:

  • Set Perimeter: Lay turf up to hard edge, trimming excess backing with utility knife.
  • Apply Adhesive: Run a quality outdoor adhesive along the hard surface.
  • Press Down: Firmly adhere backing to adhesive, periodically checking bond. Apply more adhesive if needed.
  • Seal Edge: For a finished look, caulk along the turf-concrete seam. Allow to cure before play.

Need More Help?

Properly edging your new DIY putting green keeps it securely in place while letting it blend seamlessly into your landscape. The small effort also prevents backed-up rain drainage and potential injuries from loose carpet. When selecting materials, don’t skimp on quality — durable edging prevents deterioration over years of weather and use. 

If you need a more detailed breakdown of the process, call 408-960-2255 or message us to connect with our team here at Artificial Turf Express.

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