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Artificial Grass and Families Are The Perfect Fit. Learn Why!


Homeowners and their pets love artificial turf for a variety of reasons. Property owners choose to install it because it is easy to maintain, enhances the home’s curb appeal, and increases its resale value. For pets, there are advantages as well that we will dive in below!

Artificial Grass Has The Look and Feel of Natural Grass

Artificial turf has the look and feel of natural grass. The color and texture of artificial grass will maintain itself throughout the year without having to be watered on a regular basis. One huge benefit is that synthetic grass remains the same height and does not have to be mowed or raked, and still maintains the look and feel of natural grass. Dogs and cats alike feel just as comfortable as they do on real grass. Artificial grass also provides the natural feel that gives animals a sense of normalcy.

No Harsh Chemical, Pesticides, or Fertilizers

Synthetic turf does not require the use of harsh chemicals that are often found in pesticides and fertilizers. Natural grass will require a high amount of upkeep to maintain its healthy appearance. Lawn maintenance like reseeding or treating for weeds and unwanted plant growth requires all kinds of hazardous chemicals. When these are used, animals and children must be kept off the grass until the chemicals subside. With artificial turf, there is no downtime and animals and children can play and spend time outside whenever they wish.

These chemicals that are often used in pesticides and fertilizers can be extremely hard on the environment. They are known to contaminate natural water sources and pose a serious danger for pets in close proximity to where the chemicals have been used. When artificial grass is installed, there is no risk of any type of environmental impact caused by fertilizers and pesticides.

Won’t Wear Under Heavy Foot Traffic

We have all seen lawns where paths are worn into the ground on high traffic areas. These paths are much more likely on grass used by children and pets. Synthetic grass is made from extremely durable materials that hold their color, shape, and texture through extreme conditions. Children and pets can play on a synthetic lawn for hours without tearing up grassy areas.

Kids will be kids, which is why artificial turf is often used for playground surfaces for the same reason. The turf can be placed under swings and at the base of slides and other pieces of equipment that normally would have bare areas underneath. These make these areas softer and safer for children, limiting the chance of scrapes or bruises experienced on the bare ground. Children can run and play without fear of tearing up the surface, getting grass stains, or getting muddy.

No Lawn Debris to Track Through

When artificial grass is installed, there is no resulting lawn debris. No grass clippings are produced and there is little chance of dirt being exposed due to high foot traffic. Children and animals can play outside whenever they choose and not risk tracking in grass, mud and other types of lawn debris. After heavy rains and wind, lawns can become a collection of grass clippings, tree limbs, twigs, and mud. Homeowners who have artificial turf lawns will no longer have to worry about cleaning up the grass clippings and mud being brought into the home by children and pets. Twigs and tree limbs are easily gathered and disposed of and don’t become easily enmeshed in the synthetic grass.

Homeowners that have children and pets will benefit greatly from an artificial lawn. They will have a yard that is not only easy to maintain but safer and cleaner as well. They will be able to enjoy a green lush yard without all the mud, chemicals and work associated with a real lawn.