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Historic League Park that Hosted Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Cy Young Feature Synthetic Grass Baseball Diamond


Cleveland Reopens Home to the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Buckeye with Artificial Turf

The restoration of the famous ballpark that has hosted Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Cy Young and was home to the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Buckeyes until the late 1940s, is well underway and is spurring residential and commercial development throughout the area. According to New York Times sportswriter Hillel Kuttler, League Park will “reopen in turn-back-the-clock glory, featuring a baseball diamond aligned as it was during its major league heyday. The field will be made of artificial turf to reduce postponements in Little League, high school, college and recreational baseball games. It may also be used for soccer and football games, as well as concerts and other events.” (Read the entire article here)

Choosing artificial turf for a historic preservation project surprises some people. But today’s synthetic turf is nothing like the AstroTurf of old. Today’s synthetic lawns are designed to safely stand up to aggressive sports play, huge volumes of foot traffic, and sun and harsh weather, while reducing maintenance costs and schedules.

That’s why artificial turf is increasingly the landscape material of choice in residential, recreational and commercial applications, even in historic areas. Its durability, performance, beauty, and softer surfaces help make historic sites both more usable and accessible.

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