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Synthetic Grass Outdoor Living is Plush & Comfy

The trend in landscaping continues to be the creation of “outdoor rooms” that blur the line between inside and out. Outdoor kitchens, seating and dining areas, exterior fireplaces and fire pits, and new-generation garden furniture that stands up to the elements are all expanding the living space beyond the four walls. Even the tiniest outdoor space can be made functional and inviting virtually year round.

And just like your choice of carpet or other floor covering is the foundation of your indoor decor, your selection and creative use of synthetic grass can anchor your exterior design plan and create continuity from one area of your garden to another.

Like carpeting and area rugs, you can use synthetic grass to define areas, to create pathways, to increase comfort and to enhance function. With synthetic grass, there’s no need to worry about furniture creating divots or containers damaging the lawn. The shade of pergolas and gazebos won’t create dead spots. And it’s safe for kids and pets.

Of course, it’s important to choose the proper materials, from the length and thickness of grass itself to the composition and density of the infill. You’ll also want to consider traffic volume, seasonal weather variations, potential drainage issues, even the color and makeup of the existing natural landscape to achieve an authentic look.

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