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Foolproof Maintenance Tips and Tricks for the Best Artificial Turf in San Jose


While synthetic turf maintenance is not as rigorous as natural grass upkeep, there are still tasks that you need to do regularly to keep it in top condition. Making sure it’s clean and debris-free is one of these measures. Learn how to remove stains, muck and dirt its synthetic surface for the best artificial turf in San Jose.

Cleanup Tips for Synthetic Grass

The durability of artificial turf helps in keeping its evergreen appearance. An impeccably clean grass lawn, however, is only achievable with periodic upkeep. Keep yours pristine with these cleanup tips:

  1. Wipe spills immediately.

Don’t give it a chance to dry. Blot the spilled liquid using a towel immediately. If the moisture is the type that stains like coffee and urine, rinse the area using a mix of water and mild detergent. Need a stronger cleaning solution? Add 3% solution of ammonia in water instead of detergent.

  1. Remove stubborn stains with strong solutions.

Hard to remove stains, such as oil, ink and grease, can end up on the grass, and even the best artificial turf in San Jose would need extra help getting them off them. In this case, mild detergent and ammonia solutions won’t cut it. Use mineral spirits instead. Rinse the affected area and wipe off the excess liquid.

  1. Observe pet waste conditions before removing them.

If you have a dog or two, one of the most bothersome debris you’ll have to clear off your turf is canine muck. Keep an eye out for them whenever you let your dog out. If it’s moist, wait for it to dry up before removing it. For urine, hose the affected area with cold water. Use soapy water to take care of lingering odors and let the solution drain straight into the infill. Rinse the area afterward.

  1. Freeze off sticky objects.

To get rid of sticky objects, such as tree sap and chewing gum, use dry ice to freeze them. Once they’re frozen, carefully scrape them off the turf using a blunt knife or garden trowel. Make sure you don’t chip off synthetic grass blades.

  1. Rinse off pollen and dust.

Pollen and dust usually crop up on the grass during spring. Don’t give them a chance to accumulate. Hose your artificial turf regularly with cool and clean water.  

  1. Clear off debris carefully.

Leaves, branches and other types of debris can gather on top of your synthetic grass lawn. Don’t rake them off. Otherwise, you’ll risk damaging the artificial grass blades. Use a leaf blower or sweep the turf with a broom to remove light debris. Pick up heavier ones by hand.

Remember: even with the best artificial grass accessories in place for your turf; regular maintenance is still key to keeping it pristine. Set up a cleanup routine for your synthetic lawn.

Make Your Life Easier with Low-Maintenance Turf!

An immaculate grass landscape doesn’t stop with the installation process. Keep your greens clean and vibrant with these turf maintenance tips. If you need extra help with your upkeep or want to upgrade your landscape, we at Artificial Turf Express are ready to help!

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