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Most Important FAQs About Artificial Grass


FAQs About Artificial Grass

FAQs about artificial lawns

Many customers come to us to get the highest quality artificial grass in the San Jose area. Usually, before you make a purchase like this, you want some general information, such as FAQs about artificial grass, best installation techniques, or safety information. The purpose of this article is to give you some useful information about artificial grass.


Does artificial grass have a warranty?

Many synthetic grass installers provide warranties. At Artificial Turf Express, our warranties range from 7 to 15 years. The warranties usually cover stains and discoloration, as well as tears from overuse.

My lawn is an odd shape, can I still get artificial turf?

Some people think that getting turf for an oddly shaped lawn is a complicated process. Fortunately, our turf experts can help you with the exact specifications for your specific lawn. Additionally, the turf can fit the any size or shape. Because of this, the turf can adapt to your landscaping. Another benefit of getting a synthetic lawn is that it can be installed anywhere, including hard to reach areas.

How much does it actually cost?

Getting a synthetic lawn is an investment. In addition to the square footage of the turf, you’ll need several other things. This includes infill, seam tape, turf glue, and other accessories. You’ll also need some tools, such as a compactor, which can be rented locally.

Does the turf drain well?artificial turf drainage

One of the most prominent features of artificial grass is its drainage. This is important for both rainwater and pet urine. The backing (usually made of a mesh fabric) allows water to flow through it. Once water flows through the backing, it seems into the base rock drainage system.

Can I get turf around my pool?

Artificial turf is excellent to install around swimming pools. Even if it gets wet, children and others are less likely to slip. Additionally, the turf’s texture helps clean your feet when you get in and out of the pool.

What kind of maintenance will I have to do?

When switching to artificial grass, your upkeep time will be reduced by more than 90 percent. You will no longer have to mow or water your lawn, but you will have to remove debris like sticks and leaves. This is particularly important after storms. If you happen to have pets, you’ll still need to clean up their waste, but that’s about it.


If you have questions about artificial turf, call your local landscape company and find the answers. It may be the best investment you have ever made in your home.