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Even Your Pet Loves DIY Synthetic Grass


One of the biggest concerns when making the decision to purchase a synthetic green lawn is how their pets will adapt to the change. No need to worry though because you’re animal will not even notice the difference – only you will! The improvements this will add to your pet’s life are so subtle, it will not even notice that it’s been running around on synthetic grass rather than the real thing. The synthetic lawn is also very durable and will not be damaged by your animal.

With a synthetic lawn you will no longer have…

Synthetic grass for dogs

  • areas in your lawn that are barren and muddy
  • to clean your animals’ paws when it comes in during or after a storm
  • to maintain your lawn, leaving you with more time to spend with your pet
  • to worry with areas where your dog has dug a hole in your lawn

Now that you can see where your life will be improving, let me tell you how easy it is to maintain your synthetic lawn when you have animals. If you are worried about the clean up process of the lawn it is very simple! Synthetic lawns self clean when it rains! And for cleaning up after your pet, then all you have to do is pick up any solid mess that is left behind from the rain. The synthetic grass is made of a polyethylene and polypropylene blend that keeps it from becoming discolored from any waste material.

Through all the benefits of a synthetic lawn there is only one drawback that your dog might miss – a place to bury a bone, maybe your dog will bury his bone under the couch. But, with all the time you will save with the minimal lawn maintenance you will have to keep up, you and your pet will have so much more time to spend together!