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How To Eliminate Your California Weeds Without Pesticides


Killing california weedsNo one likes weeds. They grow abundantly and in odd places and removing weeds is a tiresome task. Several types are well known to California property owners and it seems they survive even in the driest, hottest heat.

Some of the weeds that California homeowners are familiar with include crabgrass, purslane, prickly lettuce, chickweed, and jimson weed. Jimson weed is a particular problem because is toxic and could be deadly if ingested by pets or children.

So, how do you get rid of these weeds without using pesticides that harm the environment? There are several ways you can battle these bundles of unwanted plants.

Uproot Them

One way of removing weeds is to pull them up by their roots while the weed is still young. This is before the roots are deep and hard to pull. Regular weeding will keep your yard from growing thick with them. However, removing weeds this way tends to work if you get an early start on the problem and if you have a small yard. It becomes more difficult with larger yards.

Pour Boiling Water on Them

They are vulnerable to extreme moisture and heat, so combining that in boiling water can be effective in removing weeds. Just pour boiling water on the plant. This works to kill off both young and adult weeds and is a great method to use for weeds growing in sidewalk cracks or along the driveway. Boiling water doesn’t hurt the environment either. The only problem is you shouldn’t use this method of removing weeds along flower beds or where there is a lot of grass you are trying to nurture because boiling water will kill those plants too.

Pour White Vinegar on Them

White vinegar, found in every grocery store, has a variety of uses both in the kitchen and in the yard. To kill weeds, pour some in a spray bottle and spray the weeds. It works on both young and adult plants, so removing weeds this way is effective.

Kill Them with Salt

Did you know that common table salt can be used in removing weeds? You will need to make the salt mix and put the solution in a spray bottle. The salt mix is a one-to-eight ratio to hot water. Spray the solution on the weeds leaves and it will dry them up and stop the weed from growing. Be careful not to spray the ground or surrounding plants as that will harm them and keep other plants from growing in the area.

To get a double dose of effective weeding killing, you can put salt in your vinegar solution. This works well for tough plants that are hard to kill. This is highly effective in preventing weeds from returning.

Those who don’t want the hassle of routinely removing weeds could look to artificial grass as a permanent solution. Artificial grass keeps weeds out of your yard as it covers the dirt and keeps weeds from growing. The only areas where weeds grow with artificial turf is around the edges, making it easy for property owners to control weeds.

Artificial grass is easy to maintain and looks great all year long. It is a good solution for those who want a low=maintenance yard that will save you time and money over the years. You can say goodbye to the battle with weeds with artificial turf!