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El Niño to the Rescue! End of California’s drought?


Climatologists predict a strong El Niño this winter and some Californians are hailing it as the end of the drought – and of their water conservation efforts. However, it’s too soon to celebrate just yet, and here’s why:

– California has suffered a severe drought, probably the worst one in at least 500 years. We have missed out on more than a year’s worth of rain, and one wet winter will not be enough to replenish our reservoirs and ground water supply.

– Furthermore, our soil, which has been hardened by the summer sun and striped by wildfires, won’t be able to absorb a sudden torrent of water. Our much-anticipated rain may disappear into floods and mudslides, but not be stored for future use. Instead, we may have flood damage to deal with in addition to a continued water shortage.

– This drought may be the beginning of a trend, and not a one-time fluke. One contributing factor in this drought is climate change, which makes warmer, drier summers more likely. In the future, droughts like this might be the norm for us.

Californians have stepped up this year and reduced their household water usage by as much as 30%. It would be a shame to let all that hard work go to waste! Whether or not we get the wet winter climatologists are predicting, it’s too soon to abandon the water-saving habits we have developed over the last few years. Instead, we should take those valuable lessons we’ve learned about sustainable water usage and conservation, and use them to be wiser residents of a drought-riddled state.

Want to save more water than ever? Now is the time to invest in a water-saving overhaul for your home. Replace your thirsty lawn with artificial turf – it’s a sustainable long-term solution for any future droughts to come.