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Easy to Install Outdoor Carpeting, Synthetic Grass that is Soft & Comfortable from Artificial Turf Express


If you are shopping for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) outdoor carpeting for your patio, play area or even apartment rooftop, it can be somewhat of a challenge. Why? You want comfortable and soft artificial grass to make you feel right at home, but some synthetic turf brands are itchy and scratchy to the touch.

Artificial Turf Express synthetic lawns offer landscaping solutions, fixing the pesky problem of uncomfortable artificial turf grass. With Artificial Turf Express, you will have fake grass choices that are comfortable, soft and even plush to the touch. In fact, this artificial turf feels (and looks) like the real thing, natural grass. It’s the perfect, comfy solution so you and your family can sit, lay, slide and play without the itchy-ness or tough landings.







Artificial Turf Express synthetic grass is not only comfortable and soft, it is:

  • Safe for children and pets.
  • Easy to install and durable
  • Contains superior drainage capabilities. Increases playability.
  • Can help decrease injuries by providing a cushioned place to land.
  • Is clean; there’s no dirt, only a rubber infill, so you don’t end up with a dirty house or dirty clothes.
  • Healthy and good looking.
  • Never has holes or dead areas.

Whether you’re adding a patio or play area, or just moved in and looking for a DIY rooftop surface, remember Artificial Turf Express for your artificial grass outdoor carpeting needs. Outdoor grass carpeting is comfortable enough for the whole family while it still provides the perfect surface for your outdoor needs.

Call Artificial Turf Express today for a quote on everything you need for your artificial turf installation project.