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Drains & Drainage What Will Absorb This Rain


When looking at installing a synthetic lawn it is very important to consider the type of draining system you want to have. The type of synthetic lawn draining system should always be considered before installing because the use of the lawn and draining system will affect the durability. In the synthetic lawn industry you will find two types of drains, which are commonly used; the standard – hole punch backing and the coffee filter type-draining system.

Standard – Hole Punch Backing Drain

The most common type of drain in synthetic grass is the hole punched backing. This type of drain is just that, holes punched in the back of the backing in order for water to easily flow off the carpet and into the infill and soil below. These types of drains are best in lawns that are not in areas commonly used by pets. Many people worry about the holes being visible, but not to worry! Once installed, you cannot see any of the holes!

Coffee Filter Type of Drain

The second type of drain commonly used is known as a coffee filter type of drain. In these types of drain, a felt-like material is glued to the backing of the synthetic grass, which absorbs the rainwater allowing it to filter into the infill and soil below. These drains are commonly used in areas where pets will be frequently. These drains are great but the synthetic lawn will need to be maintained more frequently than the lawns with the hole punched backing.

artificial-turf-backing-drainageAlways remember that when considering your synthetic lawn draining system, consider the traffic level and type it’s going to have. The coffee-filter type is best for lawns that will have high traffic and pets. Whereas, the hole-punched draining is best for an area less frequented by pets and has a smaller traffic level.