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Dog Parks Are Switching To Synthetic Grass… Learn Why


Dog parks are awesome spaces where your pet can run and play freely. They can also be full of germs, muddy spots and dried grass that ends up in your home afterward. Dog park owners are finding that synthetic grass is the perfect solution to these challenges. Installing synthetic grass in dog parks increases the quality and reputation of the park as well for important reasons.

Dogs Adjust to It Easily

The great thing about synthetic turf is how it looks and feels like natural grass. There are short and long blades made of nylon and polyurethane that are so real looking that even pet owners can’t tell the difference. There are available infills that help blades stand tall and offer more cushion to your pet’s feet. Pets will find much comfort and enjoyment in playing on it! Dogs adjust easily to using the bathroom on artificial grass and they will end up treating it no different than the real thing.

Reduced Bugs

Synthetic grass reduces the bug population, including fleas. The tough mesh backing covers the dirt, which is an important food and breeding source for insects. Bugs can’t eat the blades either. Without food and breeding areas, insects move on. That results in fewer fleas, ticks for your dog and less bug spray for your children visiting the park.

Fewer Germs

With all the dogs and families visiting a dog park, it can lead to a lot of germs being left behind. Multiple dogs using the bathroom and children with colds or diapers are a germs paradise. Synthetic turf reduces the number of germs reaching your family in two ways.

  • Blades are germ resistant.
  • Infill stops germs.

Nylon fibers used to create the blades are treated with an anti-microbial coating in the factory. This coating prevents bacteria from growing in the grass. It doesn’t matter if the germs are from a dog using the bathroom or children passing it around to each other. The coating stops it.

An anti-microbial coating is also on the silica sand infill, which is used to both absorb shock and help maintain the blades. This stops bacteria from spreading where dogs use the bathroom.

Easy Park Maintenance

Artificial grass can withstand the wear and tear of dogs and children all day, every day. That makes artificial grass the perfect option for high-traffic areas. It doesn’t snag or wear even when dogs attempt to dig. It resolves muddy areas and fixes areas where water would normally pool. Artificial grass can also be used creatively for walkways and paths, allowing pet owners to enjoy outside beauty while their pet plays. Learn more about the maintenance that goes along with artificial turf.

Easy Clean-Up

This is one of the best features of synthetic grass for pets. Poop can be picked up and park owners just need to spray the area with water and perhaps a little of a special cleaner. Urine areas simply need to be sprayed with water and clean up is done.

The trend of installing synthetic grass in dog parks is on the rise. Turf makes park maintenance easier for park owners and more enjoyable for both pets and pet owners. That increases the overall value of the park and keeps everyone smiling.