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Unique DIY Projects With Artificial Turf

DIY Projects With Artificial Turf

Artificial turf isn’t just for yards anymore. There are many unique and creative ways you can use artificial turf to add flair to your space. The good news is DYI projects require little time or additional money. In fact, many can be done in just an afternoon.



One of the reasons artificial grass has become so versatile is because it looks much different from earlier versions of the product. Modern synthetic turf has individual blades, comes in a variety of green shades, and feels as natural as it looks. It is really durable too, so it holds up well for an assortment of DIY craft projects.

Below are five ways you can use artificial grass to add a unique look to your home and yard:

1. Deck Steps With Artificial Turf

Put artificial grass on deck steps. This is a great idea for two reasons. One, it looks awesome and helps your deck blend in with your landscaping. Second, it increases safety. Deck steps can be slippery and the grass prevents family and guests from taking a tumble.

All it takes to do this project is the artificial turf and an adhesive that works with wood or stone. Most can be easily squirted onto the surface and it only takes minutes to dry. Be sure to get an adhesive that is waterproof.

2. Personalize Your Lawn

Use it to personalize your lawn. Artificial grass can be cut into shapes, so it makes for great lawn art. You can also cut it into letters and numbers, so you can use that to put the family name or initials on the front lawn for a sophisticated way to identify the property. You can do this temporarily too with words like “Welcome Home” or “Happy birthday” to showcase a special occasion.

Letters like this can be placed on the lawn as long as they are different shade of green from the grass, on the porch or banister, even on a slanted roof.

3. Use Artificial Turf As Door Mats/Shoe Rests

Cut the synthetic turf to create doormats or shoe rests. These are great to put by either front or back doors to keep children or guests from tracking grass and dirt into your home. It looks natural and is highly durable, so it is the perfect choice for this project.

It is also cheaper than buying mats at the store since those will need replacement more often.

4. Recreational Areas

Use it to create outdoor game boards or recreational areas. Many people use artificial grass to cover playgrounds, but it can also be used to create giant checker or chess boards, or a simple game board for hopscotch or tic-tac-toe. It can also be used for games that create high-traffic areas that could ruin your lawn. Games like horseshoes and volleyball often leave dirt patches. That can end by using artificial turf in those areas. Creating an outdoor game board will encourage your kids to play outside too.

5. Table Décor From Artificial Grass

Artificial turf can be used for table décor. This is a great choice, especially for sports themed parties. You can cut it to make table runners, cover the top of a picnic table, or to make placemats and coasters. It protects your table from hot food items and dishes as well as makes for interesting conversation.

Using some creativity and having fun with your DIY project will leave you with a great looking space. Using artificial turf will add interest and could save you some money because it can be used repeatedly over the years.