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DIY Prep Work Tips for Installing the Best Putting Greens


Work on your golf game anytime you want, for as long as you’d like, with the best putting greens! No need to spend too much on labor costs either. Installing a synthetic putting green is a fantastic DIY home improvement project for the handy homeowner.

If you’re interested in installing your own putting green, you probably already know it takes a significant investment— not just financially, but in terms of effort and time. But that’s only during the installation phase. Once you’re done, you’re in for many years of having your own golf paradise that requires almost zero maintenance!

The key is to make sure every part of the installation goes right. Lay the groundwork for success by familiarizing yourself with how to prepare for installing a backyard putting green!

Installation Prep Tips for Backyard Putting Greens

Artificial putting greens have long been a must-have for pros who want to stay at the top level. It’s equally popular among golf enthusiasts who enjoy the game. Nowadays, the best putting greens are also a great amenity for families looking a fun way to spruce up their yard.

All it takes to install your own green is sourcing the turf and accessories, plus freeing up a long weekend for the project. Here’s a rundown of how the process will go:

Carefully choose a location and design.

Look for an area with good drainage. Ideally, it should be away from your house, garage and other structures so a stray golf ball won’t hit people, windows and other breakables. Sketch the design, size, shape and features of your green so you have a good idea of where everything needs to go.

Outline the green and remove the sod.

Use spray paint to outline your putting green. After that, cut the grass down to the dirt with a sod cutter or line trimmer, then rake away all debris.

Excavate the area.

Next, excavate the area inside your putting green. Generally, you need to dig around three to four inches deep if you’re using a crushed rock base. Spray the area with a weed killer and install a weed barrier to prevent weeds from disrupting ball roll and growing through the turf.

Make the base for your backyard putting green.

Create the foundation or base for your putting green using crushed stone of your choice. Use a shovel or rake to spread it evenly. Moisten the rocks lightly with a garden hose. Then, run a gas-powered roller, lawn roller or vibratory plate compactor to create a flat, smooth and even base surface for the best artificial turf.

Install the turf.

Now that you have a proper base, it’s time to start installing the turf. Unroll the turf, join the sections and make sure the nap runs the same way for all of them. Use a sharp utility knife to cut your putting green design and install the turf. Hold down the turf with landscape stapes and turf pegs and secure it down. Finally, install a border and add some landscaping if desired.

Get Everything You Need for the Best Backyard Putting Greens!

Installing a putting green DIY-style is a cost-effective way to improve your yard and work on your golf game. Get our Free Installation Guide to learn more about how to create the best backyard putting green!

For everything else you need such as tools, accessories, and the best artificial turf in San Jose, call Artificial Turf Express at 408-317-4730 and let us know how we can help with your project!