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DIY Ideas: 6 Accessories for the Best Artificial Turf Putting Greens


Nothing completes a DIY putting green installation like thoughtfully-chosen accessories that complement the best artificial turf. It’s what turns the average putting green into a backyard golfing heaven. As a DIY installer, it’s up to you what kind of accessories you want to personalize your green. Get ideas from some of the most popular choices among golf fans!

Top Putting Green Accessories for a DIY Project

The beauty of installing artificial grass on your own is that you have full control of its design. Add the fact that it’s a fun weekend project if you’re the handy type, and installing a DIY backyard putting green becomes an all-around excellent idea if you’re a golf enthusiast.


Better yet, you don’t have to settle for a few holes in your course. Go wild with the design, and add some crazy challenges to practice your skills. Many golf fans use the following accessories to customize their backyard greens:

  1. Infill

The infill is one of the essential accessories of the best putting greens. It affects the consistency, surface hardness, and speed of your course. Some of the best options for putting greens are acrylic-coated infill, walnut shell infill, and sand putting infill. There are also specially-made infill types that will help deodorize your turf if pets sometimes use it to go potty.

  1. Drain System

Once you’ve installed your dream putting green, you don’t want it flooding over after a rainy day. Pick out an appropriate drainage system to direct water flow efficiently away from your playing surface.

  1. Regulation Putting Green Cups

Most private and public golf ranges use 6″ regulation putting green cups. These accessories allow you to play with standard game mechanics right in your backyard. If you want the option to remove or replace them in the future, go for cups with tapered sides.

  1. Golf Flags

If you’re having a difficult time with getting close to the pin when it’s time to chip, you may want to add a few golf flags to your backyard green. They help you line up your shots and enhance ball placement by providing a visible marker for the holes.

  1. Golf Nets and Frames

Enhance the safety of the best artificial turf and reduce the risk of injuries by adding a golf net on your course. The net can catch errant golf balls to prevent any untoward incidents. They also make the shots easier to retrieve.

  1. Golf Cup Covers

These accessories are essential to prevent debris like leaves, dirt, and loose stones from getting into the golf cups. They also keep away the ice, water, and snow. As a bonus, these cup covers stay in place when you conduct putting green maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about displacing any.

Kickstart Your DIY Installation with Artificial Turf Express

Imagine walking out your door with your putter, dropping the ball, and practicing your shots anytime you want. That’s the convenience and enjoyment you get when you invest in a backyard putting green.

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