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DIY Advice: Preventing Bad Smells with the Best Synthetic Grass for Dogs in San Jose


One of the most thoughtful things you can give your dog is a safe, clean environment for exercising and playing.

The best synthetic grass for dogs in San Jose can provide such a space, but when you’re installing it yourself, it’s important to protect your new installation from the unpleasant smells that come along with having a dog.

We’ve created a helpful guide that will take you through the steps it takes to make sure your artificial grass stays fresh and smelling new for years.

But first, let’s talk about common pet turf installation mistakes that can lead to odors in your artificial grass.


Pet Turf Installation Mistakes That Can Make Your Lawn Stink

  1. Improper Drainage


    This one’s the biggest culprit, no matter what type of artificial grass you’re installing for your dogs.

    What’s supposed to happen is this: your dog pees on the artificial grass, it drains in minutes, and you flush out the pee to help prevent bacteria growth.

    Here’s what actually happens without proper drainage: your dog pees on the grass, it sits there for hours instead of minutes (even days), and the bacteria builds up and creates a nasty smell.

  2. Using Poor-Quality Turf


    The best artificial grass for dogs in San Jose has special properties that make it capable of handling the daily shenanigans of your pets and their bathroom routine.

    The backing is also extremely porous yet tightly textured, which means it can quickly drain urine away from the turf. You’ll also need to ensure that your pet turf has a tight back so the fibers don’t fall flat, which is another reason it can trap smells.

    Low-quality products don’t have antimicrobial protection, so the bacteria just festers and grows. Plus, the fibers don’t drain well and the backing doesn’t let any air through.

  3. Low-Quality Infill


    Just like our synthetic turf for dogs, Artificial Turf Express infill is especially designed for pet applications.

    It’s treated with antibacterial agents so it doesn’t stink to high heaven, but it’s also lightweight, so you won’t have to deal with that sinking feeling or a lawn that’s become waterlogged.

How to Keep Your Artificial Grass from Smelling Bad

At Artificial Turf Express, we believe that artificial grass and dogs go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve put together a powerful installation combo to make sure you have the most sanitary, safe environment possible.

We’ve tested many artificial grass products and accessories to find the best products that are safe for dogs and assembled them into our exclusive Pet Turf System.

The complete installation system comes with all the following:

Express Pet Artificial Grass

This is one of the most advanced artificial grasses for dogs you’ll find on the market. It’s designed specifically to handle the wear and tear of dogs, plus it has a special antimicrobial treatment that makes it resistant to bacteria and smells. The short pile height makes it easy to clean up after your dogs.

Express Pet Turf also has the proprietary Duralock Ultra-Flo backing, which means it drains better than other artificial grasses without compromising the feel under your dog’s paws.

Air Drain Tiles

The unique element of this drainage mat is the air void. It lifts the artificial grass an inch off the ground, which creates a 90% void between the turf and base layer. This allows for better drainage so your lawn can dry out quickly and smells don’t fester.

Plus, the air void in between these Air Drain Tiles helps deodorize your turf because air can pass through more freely.

Wonderfill 12/20 Green Infill

This innovative infill is infused with Zinc Omadine™ZOE™Antimicrobial treatment that stops the build-up of bacteria, mold, and mildew. The round shape makes it gentler and less abrasive to your dog’s paws.

Aside from that, it also keeps the blades straight and protects them from damage while supporting faster drainage. Wonderfill 12/20 is hypoallergenic and completely safe for pets and kids.

Finally, we recommend using a 2:1 Mixture of Class 2 Permeable Base and Gray Fine for your installation sub-base. This forms a strong foundation for your pet installation that can take heavy foot traffic, but also let water drain quickly.

ATE Pet Turf System: Odor-Fighting Artificial Grass for Dogs

The ATE Pet Turf System is designed to work together for a safe outdoor area where your dog can play.

It includes everything you need (except the sub-base) to install the turf on any surface so you won’t have to worry about finding pieces separately.

You don’t even have to go out of the house because Artificial Turf Express delivers!

You can order the complete Pet Turf System online or call us at 408-317-4730.

We’re also ready with installation advice anytime you need it! Send us a message anytime and we’ll get in touch ASAP.

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