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Did You Know You Can Reduce Grass Allergies This Fall With Artificial Turf?


When it comes allergies a lot of people think they hit hardest in the Spring. It can depend on the types of things you allergic to, however Ragweed the #1 thing that causes allergies in the fall.

So instead of enjoying the cool nights of Fall in their backyard, many are left sitting inside binge watching Netflix feeling very grumpy they can’t hang outside. No enjoying that calm, relaxing hammock swing, candlelit dinners on the backyard patio furniture, or playing with your dogs or kids in the plush grass. That grass may look inviting and enjoyable but not enough to open those sliding glass doors wide and venturing out for fear of the awful allergy strike.


But if we told you there was a solution to this, would you jump for joy? Well get out your pogo stick my friends because we actually have a solution!

While installing artificial turf in your yard won’t solve all of your allergy problems, it can definitely help you with the battle against allergies. Installing artificial turf can help you experience and enjoy your backyard grass all year long – whether you have allergies in the spring or fall. After you install the turf you can easily hose it down and get rid of all the pollen and ragweed lingering on the turf. You might not be able to get rid of the tree pollen around but at least you’ll significantly reduce the amount around you.

That’s why we recommend our natural looking, high quality and always hypoallergenic artificial turf products for the allergy-prone yard owner. No having an overgrown lawn because you don’t have enough  Benedryl to help you out. No more paying someone to mow the lawn for you. No more grass hives and less allergens to pick up or breathe in when you head outdoors. This is a win-win for you.