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How to Cut Synthetic Grass to Fit Your Lawn Just Right


Once you have picked out the type of synthetic grass you want to install to better the appearance and quality of your lawn it’s time to measure and cut the lawn so it fits properly. Cutting the turf will be a very simple process if you follow the DYI tips and steps.

What you will need:

  • Enough synthetic turf to fully cover your lawn
  • Measuring tape
  • Permanent marker
  • Utility knife

How to cut your synthetic turf to properly fit your lawn:

  • Roll out the synthetic turf onto the surface, fully covering it – the turf should be slightly larger than the area you are covering
  • Next you want the turf to rest on the surface you are putting it on. Just let it settle, this will allow it to form to each roll and hill of your lawn, this process should take a minimum of three hours.
  • Once the turf has rested and you see no wrinkles, you want to mark on the synthetic turf with the permanent marker exactly how you want it to fit in your yard – like where the sidewalk and the edge of the yard meet.
  • With this step you want to be exact as possible, you should use the measuring tape to make straight edges to cut along.
  • Finally, cut the turf along with the marks you made with a sharp utility knife – make sure to cut clean edges.

Artificial Turf choices vary and can be very different – and not just in color or density of grass blades. Some have higher stitch rate or a different pile height. It is very important to pick out a turf that will best fit your needs. With high traffic or sports areas it is important to consider getting a turf with a higher stitch count or rate, this will leave you with a heavier quality of grass.

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