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Why Create A Backyard Putting Green With Artificial Turf?


There are a lot of downfalls to golf courses. First, they can get very crowded at different times of the year. Second, they can be very expensive to access. And lastly, they can be a huge inconvenience to get to. All of these factors can really be a bummer when all you want to do is enjoy a quiet morning on the green. One easy way to escape all of these issues is by placing a putting green right at your fingertips. How do you ask? By installing an artificial turf putting green on your lawn!


Installing an Artificial Putting Green

We offer many different types of artificial turf products that can suit your putting green. Make sure to check out the link to see what we have to offer. By creating your own putting green, you can choose the speeds and breaks on your green to make it as challenging or as easy as you would like. But don’t worry about the installation yet, first let’s highlight some of the benefits of your very own artificial putting green.

Improve Your Short Game

Improving your short game can be a very difficult task. When you make it to a golf course, you don’t want to just practice your short game, you want to play a full game. This gives you a limited amount of time that you can perfect your short game. And you will have to play a bunch of games in order to do that.

Having a putting green in your backyard allows you to practice every day with ease. No more taking time out of your life just to make it to the golf course. With your own green, you can step right outside and practice at any time! Plus, this option keeps you from paying golf fees and having to make reservations just to practice your short game. This convenience allows you the time to relax and practice whenever you would like without the normal hassle of making it to a course.

Entertaining Guest and Family

Having a backyard putting green is the perfect way to entertain guest and makes for a great game for the whole family. Your backyard will transform from a boring lawn to the entertainment of every party! Your golf buddies won’t believe it the next time they step into your backyard to see your very own putting green. And putting greens are great for every age!

Having this type of entertainment in your lawn creates a great way to bond and spend time with your family after work too. Instead of practicing away from your family, make it a game for everyone where you can talk and unwind from your hectic days.

Creating a putting green with artificial turf can change your whole life! Let’s do a quick summary of what you could expect

  1. Fewer golf fees because you can enjoy your own putting green instead of paying for one
  2. An improved short game with all the additional practice you will receive
  3. Better entertainment at your parties!
  4. Better relationship with your family by creating a fun atmosphere for everyone to gather and enjoy each other.

Don’t wait! Talk with Artificial Turf Express today to see how we can help you find the perfect artificial turf for you putting green.