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Is Cleaning Artificial Turf Difficult? See For Yourself!


Some considering artificial turf may be hesitating because they are uncertain how to clean or maintain it. For those use to mowing, weeding, spraying and edging, it may seem too simple to maintain yard with artificial turf. Yet, it is simple.

Artificial turf is low-maintenance but does require some care. You do need to pick up debris and occasionally clean soiled areas. Even with that, caring for artificial turf requires much less effort and expense than caring for a natural lawn.

Picking the Right Tools

Getting the right tools that will not damage your synthetic lawn is the number one big change when switching from natural grass. You can not use rakes or other items with metal teeth or spikes as that could rip the mesh backing underneath your artificial turf.

Instead, you will need lawn rakes that feature plastic tines. These are effective in separating the blades to make them look more groomed and also can gather small elements of debris like leaves and twigs.

Some homeowners find a quality broom will also go a long way in maintaining your artificial grass. This is especially helpful in tight areas like patios and around flower beds. A broom will instantly freshen your artificial turf and can also be used in cleaning soiled areas.

Cleaning Debris

Those who have synthetic grass will find that debris collection is the most work they will need to do to keep their lawn well groomed. There are no more grass clippings or other similar debris you have with natural lawns, so collecting leaves and twigs are a breeze.

A helpful tool you will continue to use after you switch to a synthetic lawn is a leaf blower. This helps remove leaves and other light debris from your lawn or sidewalks. These are perfect for smaller yards.

Larger yards may have more leaves and other debris so a wheeled lawn rake or grass catcher can still be used to collect it. Either of these can be attached to a riding lawn mower, making for easy, painless collection.

Washing Your Yard Down

The other thing you will need to do on occasion is wash soiled areas. Typically, these are areas where pets use the bathroom or where people dine, leaving some food and drink debris on the ground. Cleaning these areas is a simple process.

First, you must remove any debris item on the ground whether it is food, poop or trash. Then you can spray down with water to flush the rest away, perhaps using a broom to scrub.