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Keep Your School Cleaner and Safer With Synthetic Turf


The playgrounds and fields around schools can lead to many issues. The first most common issue is creating dirty halls and classrooms. The second is the safety concerns that come along with a natural lawn. No matter the reason (recess, PE, etc), grassy areas at school can create a lot of problems for schools.
Hundreds of kids skip, walk, stroll, and run through those lawns daily and at any time that could turn your school into a dirty mess or a student could have a freak accident. What if you could help prevent injuries and stop dirt and mud from being tracked into the school with one solution? You can by installing turf from Artificial Turf Express.


Synthetic Turf Keeps Your School Clean!

Synthetic turf has many benefits, but keeping everything clean is one of the best ones. It has superior drainage capabilities, which keeps water from puddling so you don’t need to worry about water being tracked inside. This also improves the safety of your halls because you won’t need to worry about somebody slipping and falling. Synthetic turf also dries quickly, which will help keep your students from tracking water inside
You also won’t need to worry about this water puddle turning into a mud puddle, which could create a complete mess inside! Not only could it lead to a hallway disaster, but it could leave your lawn looking bare and ugly once the water dries up!

Improve Safety with Synthetic Grass

Not only will synthetic turf keep your classrooms clean, but it could keep your students in the classroom instead of the nurse’s office. In areas like the playground, kids are prone to fall, which can easily lead to injuries. You can place additional padding under artificial grass to create a lawn that has more give. This additional padding can help students dodge major injuries when falling from heights. This padding is also great for reducing head injuries.

These are not the only benefits. You can check out more benefits of synthetic turf below:
• It is always ready to be used
• Does not request maintenance, so that will reduce your landscaping costs
• It does not harm the environment
• It’s clean, soft, comfortable and plush to the touch

Synthetic turf is your best alternative to a natural lawn. Call Artificial Turf Express to transform your school’s courtyards and playgrounds.