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Business Owners Are Turning To Artificial Grass Instead of Outdoor Carpeting


Installing outdoor spaces around businesses, companies, and corporations is a great way to expand your workspace for employees to spend their lunches or breaks on. It’s also a great way to provide play areas for employee children to enjoy. Even if your employees don’t use the area, it is also a great way to attract more business or have your patrons enjoy the area! In the past, most companies looked to install outdoor carpeting, but there are many negatives of outdoor carpeting compared to artificial turf:


  • It’s an outdated technology that uses nylon
  • It can be scratchy against skin
  • Most carpets feel abrasive
  • You can hear it crunch under your feet
  • And it absorbs liquid

All of these negatives can make for a less appealing space, which is why we offer you another product to consider – Artificial Turf. Artificial Turf Express provides a better, higher quality alternative for businesses looking to create a comfortable atmosphere outside. We use the most updated product, which will leave you with a much more enjoyable outdoor space.

Don’t choose an outdated technology. You wouldn’t choose a car phone over a cell phone! Rather than using outdoor carpeting, check out Artificial Turf Express. We are a synthetic grass manufacturer who offers comfortable, beautiful, and affordable turf products.

Artificial turf has a few benefits compared to carpeting or natural grass. To start, our artificial grass is softer than outdoor carpeting, so scraped knees and “carpet burn” is no longer an issue. Synthetic turf can also drain better than real grass, so rain, spilled drinks, or doggy potty times are never a problem. And don’t forget that artificial turf is clean and low maintenance, so it is always ready to be enjoyed.

Artificial Turf provides the most natural-looking grass alternative. If your business or corporation is looking to create a beautiful, outdoor atmosphere, then look no farther then artificial grass.