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Building the Best Putting Greens: How to Prevent Costly DIY Installation Problems Like a Pro


It takes more than just having the right tools, buying top-quality synthetic turf and knowing how to install it to guarantee that you’re building the best putting greens for your home. Expand your preparations. Avoid making costly mistakes by learning about the possible challenges that you may encounter once you get started and their solutions.


Common DIY Putting Green Problems and How to Prevent Them


Most of the issues that synthetic putting greens have are usually the result of a mistake made during their installation. Fortunately, they’re all easy to prevent. Here are some of the most common problems with golf courses made of artificial grass and how to avert them:


  • Uneven Surface


    The only time an uneven surface is acceptable in a putting green is when it’s intentional (e.g., to serve as an obstacle). Otherwise, it can ruin your game. This problem usually occurs when the site is not leveled properly with a power compacter.

    How to prevent: Check out our DIY work tips to learn more about the preparation process. Research every step of the procedure thoroughly before starting to avoid similar issues.

  • Loose or Upturned Edges


    Improperly installed artificial grass often lifts at the edges. This not only makes your putting green look unkempt, but it also presents trip risks and unwanted golf obstacles.

    How to prevent: Invest in top-quality edging. Secure the borders of your installation with sturdy fixings.

  • Poor Playability


    This happens when you pick the wrong type of synthetic turf. Not all varieties of artificial grass provide the same ball roll quality found in competition-level golf courses, so don’t buy the first appealing variant you spot.

    How to prevent: Invest in the best artificial turf in San Jose for putting greens to guarantee a top-quality play experience.

  • Unpleasant Odors


    Lingering, foul smells are common in putting greens that double as dog runs. Pet waste can leave behind unpleasant odors even after their removed. You’ll have to wash the affected area to eliminate the smell.

    How to prevent: Integrate a deodorizing infill into your installation. This will reduce the unpleasant, pet-induced odors in your putting green.


Make Sure You Have Everything You Need for Your Putting Green Project


Get your golf game on with a personal course that’s built to last for up to 10 years or more. For synthetic turf, installation tools, accessories and anything else you could possibly need to make the best putting greens, look no further than Artificial Turf Express. We carry a wide selection of products designed specifically for golf. Call us now at 408-317-4730 for inquiries!