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Best Natural Lawn Substitutes For Your Landscape

natural lawn substitutions

Natural grass has its disadvantages. That is particularly true in areas prone to drought or under strict watering mandates. Homeowners who can’t have natural grass, for one reason or another, do have several other options in natural lawn substitutes.



Homeowners don’t often think about natural lawn substitutes because most grow up with natural grass. Yet, there are plenty of ways to create a beautiful lawn without using the real thing.

Artificial Grass

One of the best solutions is installing artificial grass. This ranks high on the list for homeowners because it looks and feels like natural grass. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf requires no water and little maintenance. It can be used in a variety of ways other than just the lawn also, such as covering seating areas, putting greens and children’s play areas.

Synthetic turf is highly cost-effective because it is low maintenance. You will not need to hire yard services or spend money on chemicals and lawn equipment. Most come with at least a 10-year warranty, so it is a good long-term investment.

Rocks, Stone, Concrete

Some homeowners opt to do away with the green altogether. A combination of rocks, pebbles, stone, and concrete can add both beauty and practicality to your yard. These natural lawn substitutes come in a variety of shades, textures, and colors so you really aren’t sacrificing beauty.

One new landscape trend is using concrete to define spaces and functions in the yard. You can combine concrete with a pergola to create a sophisticated dining space. Concrete can be used to create a space to hang out around a fireplace too, essentially adding another living space to your property.

Drought-resistant Ground Coverings

This is a practical way to get rid of natural grass using natural lawn substitutes in your yard. There are a number of ground coverings that are low-maintenance and require little water.

One thick ground cover that requires no mowing is Green Carpet Rupturewort. It has small flat leaves, creating the illusion of a carpet over your lawn. It remains thick in winter but will turn reddish brown.

A hardy plant that has flowers is the Blue Star Creeper. It is thick and can ensure heavy foot traffic. Its beauty is best in the spring and summer when it produces light blue flowers. It is also a fast-growing cover.

Another incredibly drought-resistant ground covering is Elfin Thyme. It has thick, dark foliage and produces tiny pink blooms throughout the summer. The flowers also offer a sweet scent. This plant is great for areas that have direct sunlight. It grows quickly too.

Those with lawn challenges from a lack of natural grass do not need to fret about the lack of beauty in their yard. There are natural lawn substitutes to create the perfect space for family and friends. A beautiful yard with these options will lift your spirit and help you enjoy the outdoors!