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Best Artificial Turf Projects: Fun and Easy DIY Dog Run Ideas


Is your dog guilty of getting rough with your yard and messing up your pristine lawn? With the best artificial turf, you can say goodbye to bare patches, uneven surfaces and neverending maintenance. Because you don’t have to worry about your yard anymore, you can now focus on making it more fun, safe and comfortable place for your furry friend. Enrich your pet’s outdoor experience with these DIY dog run ideas!

Simple Dog Run Artificial Turf Designs Your Pet Will Love

While it is tempting to buy a dog run, creating one at home is cheap and easy, especially when you have a synthetic yard. Consider these creative ideas:

Minimalist Dog Run

Perfect for pet owners with small yards, a minimalist dog run is the easiest to pull off. All you need are concrete blocks enough to create a perimeter for the artificial grass section you plan to use. After lining the blocks, fill the area with a sand base. Then, lay your synthetic turf in the enclosed space. This type of dog run is suitable for pets who like to run or just relax on the grass. You can also utilize the area for potty training as long as you use the best artificial turf with a drainage backing.

Mentally Stimulating Dog Run

One reason why dogs destroy whatever they get their paws into is boredom. It’s essential to stimulate their minds. Not only will this help curb unwanted behaviors, but it also creates happier and smarter dogs. Designate a space in your garden for installing the best synthetic grass for dogs in San Jose. Then, add interactive dog toys that’ll keep your pet entertained for hours. You don’t have to buy your pet new toys; use what you already have! To save money, you can also create toys with recyclable materials. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can also create an obstacle course or interactive puzzles.

Sensory-Satisfying Pet Run

Another overlooked reason why dogs become destructive is anxiety. Help your pet cultivate a calm state of mind with a sensory artificial grass garden. First, try to observe what your dog enjoys seeing, hearing, smelling and touching in the outdoors. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Seeing – Install bright blue and yellow (the only colors dogs can see) decorations to stimulate their sense of sight
  • Hearing – Hang wind chimes or install a bubbling waterscape such as a fountain on your synthetic yard
  • Smelling – Scatter cedar chips or plant fragrant and pet-safe flowers in your planter boxes
  • Touching – Arrange smooth rocks or create a small sandpit on artificial grass

Try to incorporate these elements in your synthetic dog run to give your pet a quiet place that engages their senses.

Small But Fun Pet Run

People living in high-rise apartments or houses limited to balcony gardens can also have a pet run. First, get the best artificial turf in San Jose that’s enough to cover your furry buddy’s space. To decorate the area, you can create a fence using wood scraps and surround the pet run. Moreover, you can add fake plants or an outdoor dog house to complete the mini dog paradise.

Making DIY Fun and Easy With Artificial Turf

At Artificial Turf Express, we understand what makes DIY pet runs so special. Doing something with your own hands is beyond fulfilling and our team is here to help your project become a success. Reach out to Artificial Turf Express at 408-317-4730 to see how we can help with your project!