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Bay Area DIY Artificial Turf Benefits


Synthetic grass can enhance the attractiveness of your Bay Area home or business. Adding a little patch of green is not as difficult as it seems, and the members of your household will most certainly appreciate it. Artificial grass can offer your family — or your customers, if you’re a business owner — the joys that natural grass is known to present without the inordinate amount of care that the natural stuff requires. An artificial turf patch can go a long way in making a high-trafficked area a lot more pleasant.


So what are you waiting for? Become the proud owner of a product that will last and give you beauty and enjoyment: synthetic turf. Of course, you won’t be the only one enjoying the rich propositions of Artificial Turf Expresses renowned wares. Making a living environment more appealing means that anyone who visits there is bound to feel the pull of its enhanced beauty. Make those tough spots around your home or business winsome again.

Synthetic lawns are a wonderful alternative for many folks who cannot care for natural lawn, or who simply lack the conditions to maintain natural grass. If there’s an area you would like to make better use of, but the little sunshine it receives makes it look drab, add some sparkle with fake grass.

At Artificial Turf Express, we specialize in providing top quality artificial turf for Contractors, Landscapers and the “Do-it-yourself” crowd. We focus on providing you with everything you would need to complete your project: from infill, sand and glue to same-day project support and special order items. If you are ready to tackle your own artificial turf installation, give us a call — we’re here to help.