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Backyard Artificial Grass Benefits: A Cleaner Pool


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4 Benefits of Backyard Artificial Grass

People with pools at home find many the advantages of getting backyard artificial grass installed. They find that artificial grass is very versatile and can be used on outdoor patios, as well as decks, and even for above ground swimming pools. Standard lawn systems dry out rapidly, and are tarnished and stained by chlorine or other swimming pool chemicals.


Benefit 1: Artificial grass does not produce mud

When kids enter and exit swimming pools, they are bound to create the mud from the dirt in natural lawns. They’re also very likely to splash around, which also creates more mud. The mud can be tracked into the house, or can just make the backyard look messy. With artificial grass, there is no dirt, therefore mud will not be created. Instead of dirt and mud, you may just have to rinse the sand (from the infill) from the kids’ feet.

Benefit 2: Artificial grass eliminates lawn trimmings

Damp feet will additionally collect yard trimmings when walking from the pool to the house. By installing synthetic grass in the backyard or on the wood decking of the swimming pool, you eliminate lawn trimmings. Unlike natural lawns, synthetic grass should never be cut. Lawn trimmings frequently drift around the pool’s surface, and end up being sucked into the filter. This puts a strain on the filter, ultimately shortening its lifespan.


Benefit 3: Artificial grass reduces the risk of slipping

All of us know that wet cement can be slick, which puts all of us at risk for falling. This is a danger that can be avoided by installing backyard artificial grass. Many of us know people who have fallen on wet, hot cement after getting out of a pool. With synthetic grass, this is no longer a problem. Turf has even been proven to resist falls and comparable traction to natural grass.

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