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Astro Turf Bankruptcy: World’s Oldest Turf Company Loses Patent Lawsuit


 astro turf bankruptcy

What Happened with the Astro Turf Bankruptcy?

Synthetic turf has been around for more than half a century. It has ended up being an essential for leisure parks, play areas, college sports areas, business property, and also landscape applications. Its capacity to conserve countless gallons of water has made it among one of the most financially rewarding items to any property. So what is it that we need to know about the astro turf bankruptcy?

First, a little bit of history…
Artificial turf was originally designed in 1964, and was called Chemgrass. Its main function was for transforming all-natural lawn areas to a comparable surface. Astro Turf obtained its name because of where it was initially utilized. The Houston Astrodome was the very first sports field to use synthetic grass. At that time, the only existing synthetic grass has been called “Astro Turf,” so many people incorrectly refer to all synthetic grass as Astro Turf.

The patent lawsuit
This year, Astro Turf has struck an economic harsh spot, and have decided to submit Chapter 11 bankruptcy. A Georgia court recently granted Field Turf $30 million in a legal action versus Astro Turf. The suit was primarily concerned with infringing on the license using a specific system of attaching synthetic blades to the turf backing. The result of the lawsuit included $20.3 million in losses, as well as additional royalties totaling more than $9.7 million.

The results of the lawsuit
Astro Turf’s defeat has caused it to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The business acknowledges that it could not cover the entire amount to Field Turf. While the insolvency has actually currently been placed in activity, the business has approved a deal from among its international rivals situated in Germany.

Sport Group Deutschland has offered to acquire Astro Turf for a little over $92 million. As a response, Field Turf is trying to obstruct the sale specifying that it should be unreasonable for its financiers as well as would certainly lead to a considerable loss for their business.

The future of the synthetic turf industry 
Currently, both firms are attempting to progress. If the court favors Astro Turf, the judgment will be disregarded. If Field Turf wins, they will be awarded a huge portion of ownership in Astro Turf. Each business has the lawful right to seek their own alternative, however the court will identify whether Field Turf can manage Astro Turf.

The reality is, synthetic grass is part of our world. It has turned into one of the greatest worldwide industries for several factors. Its ecological benefits alone makes it an exceptional financial investment. Its usage in sports sectors, as well as public play grounds has protected its appeal. Unfortunately, the lawsuit and bankruptcy is likely to be disastrous for Astro Turf, particularly when artificial turf is even more popular than ever before. The Astro Turf bankruptcy may not destroy the entire turf industry, however it does mean the end of one of the industry’s most recognizable brand.