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Looking for a unique landscape solution? Look no farther than Artificial Turf


Those who have troublesome yards should consider artificial turf to overcome both challenging areas and lawn boredom.

Let’s face it. Lawns are a lot of trouble. That is especially true if you are trying to save your grass in the middle of a scorcher summer, or if your soil just isn’t up to par. These are just some of the issues that make yards perfect for artificial turf.

There are four major issues most homeowners have with their lawns:

  • Drought
  • Poor soil
  • Difficult spaces
  • No defined areas


There are a number of communities that suffer from drought regularly, which can make growing traditional grass difficult. On top of that, many local governments issue water bans preventing homeowners from irrigating their lawns. This leaves homeowners with dry, brown grass in the middle of summer.

Artificial turf doesn’t require water and yet it always looks fantastic. It can also withstand extreme weather fluctuations from extreme heat to extreme cold. Synthetic grass has both short and long blades, so it looks natural too.

Poor Soil

There are several types of soils that make it nearly impossible to grow good grass. From red clay to soil filled with pebbles, bad soil leaves homeowners frustrated. This is especially true for those trying to grow traditional grass in hot, arid regions where soil quality is typically poor. Artificial turf is the answer to the poor soil problem because it doesn’t grow! It has a durable backing that covers your soil and provides you with a luxurious lawn regarding of the weather.

Difficult Spaces

Sometimes, contractors building homes leave awkward spaces around the home and yard that create a landscaping challenge. From spaces that are really small to spaces that receive too much shade or too much sun, these areas leave homeowners bewildered as to how to use the area.

Artificial turf is the perfect solution to those type of landscaping challenges. it can be used in small areas where traditional grass won’t grow or is impractical. It can also be used in areas where too much sun or shade causes issues for grass or plants.

Plus, you can use artificial turf creatively to create a true landscape design. Some have created checkerboards with it, either using different styles of grass or mixing synthetic grass with concrete squares. You can lay it between stepping stones, or mix it with cobblestone or brick to create a unique lawn design.

Artificial Turf Can Define Lawn Areas

This is a common problem for homeowners. They have yard space, but no real defined areas for recreation or family time. Artificial turf can help with that. You can use it to install a putting green, or to define a children’s play area, or for an outdoor seating area. Artificial grass can intermingle with live plants for flowerbeds too

There is no doubt that artificial turf can be an awesome solution to common lawn problems. You will find it has long-term benefits as well in saving you time and money, making it something worth considering.