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The Impact of Artificial Turf on the Sporting World


In 1966, the Astrodome made history when artificial turf was installed in the stadium as a solution to replacing dead and painted grass. Since its inception, “Astro Turf,” as it was originally called, has advanced through three generations. The first generation was made up of short-pile fibers without the infill, the second generation included sand infill, and the current and third generation of synthetic turf systems features a combination of sand and rubber infill. With today’s synthetic grass looking and feeling more like natural grass, requiring less maintenance, providing better drainage, and allowing for multi-purpose sports programs, the appeal is evident.


The newest artificial turf infill provides flexibility for the athletes’ joints and bones and a softer surface than dirt or cement. Synthetic grass can increase playing time as its durability allows for playtime during rain or sun. It does not break down like natural grass does and can be used year-round. Athletes who play on grass fields risk tripping in holes caused by overuse or damage from playing in the rain. In contrast, artificial turf does not break down, decreasing the risk of this type of injury. Athletes report a very fast pitch with the smooth blades on artificial turf, permitting the ball to move faster in a quickly paced game.

According to the Synthetic Turf Council, more than 11,000 synthetic turf sport fields are currently in use throughout the United States’ schools, parks, colleges, and professional sports stadiums. A popular prospect, artificial grass is currently used for field hockey, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, rugby, and in over half of NFL stadiums.

More than just a solution for the problems posed by natural grass, synthetic grass has allowed entire communities to come together to enjoy sports year-round under all natural conditions.

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