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Innovative Artificial Turf Solutions: More than Just a Substitute for Grass


More than just a practical feature, artificial turf has taken on a whole new dimension in the field of design and creativity. Traditionally a replacement for grass or used as a fun feature in the yards of aspiring amateur golfers, synthetic turf has taken on an entirely new element as an accent piece.

Artificial Turf Express has made installing artificial grass so easy, that do-it-yourselfers have made an art out of the fake grass. Placed under boulders, beside ponds, or as a frame around gardens or floral designs, synthetic turf has added a new facet to the beauty of yards. For the decorator in you, cut and piece artificial turf in between pavers to add color and creativity to your walkway. For a bolder appearance, space different sized sections of artificial turf in asymmetrical patterns adjacent to tiles and pavers of different textures and colors. The result is a freeform appearance of a very colorful and artistic design that is sure to have the neighborhood talking.

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With its low maintenance attributes, homeowners can take great pleasure in installing our product in creative locations. Hardy and able to withstand Mother Nature, fake turf is a popular substitute for real grass that dies or requires trimming, fertilizers, and the proper amount of sun and water to be healthy.

Why not bring the outside indoors? Create your own backyard oasis by laying ATE’s artificial turf as your floor covering. Then spruce your room up with lawn chairs, a fountain, and some real or artificial plants and you have all of the makings of the outdoors, minus the mess, bugs, and routine maintenance.

No project is too simple or complex for artificial turf, and many creative connoisseurs have taken the fake grass and used it as decorations and accents. With its ability to easily be cut and not fray, synthetic grass makes an excellent table runner for a spring party or placemat for a holiday picnic. Need a fresh idea for a centerpiece? Take a small section of ATE’s fake grass and adorn it with colorful Easter eggs, place it under a vase of flowers, or have it serve as the setting of a decadent edible cookie and pudding dirt pie complete with a pot and gummy worms!

With no shortage of ideas, do-it-yourselfers are finding new and unique ways to make the most out of ATE’s synthetic grass. What are the creative ways you have used artificial turf to decorate your home, yard, or garden? We would love to hear them! Email us today and we will share them on our blog!