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Learn How Artificial Turf Has A Positive Impact On The Environment


Many may wonder if artificial turf is safe for the environment. It’s a valid question. Some may think that a synthetic product that replaces a natural product would have a negative impact on the environment. Actually, artificial turf is incredibly environmentally friendly.

Reuse, Recycle

Artificial turf is made from materials like nylon and polyurethane, so it can be recycled. Those using crumb rubber as an infill should know it comes from recycled tires. That not only keeps thousands of tires out of landfills, but the recycled product offers a soft cushion in your yard.

Artificial Turf Cuts Down on Water Use

One of the biggest concerns, particularly for those living in desert areas where drought is common, is water. Local municipalities institute water bans and restrictions routinely. Artificial turf doesn’t require any water, so it helps greatly to conserve that precious commodity. It also cuts down on electricity too because you will not need to run an irrigation system, which uses power. Not only will you comply with local laws, but your lawn will always look like you water it every day.

Reduced Pesticides

One of the big pluses for artificial grass in environmental issues is installing it reduces the amount of pesticides you will need. Pesticides have been proven to be harmful to the environment and to people. They are a poison, after all. Children and pets, both of which are lower to the ground than adults, are constantly exposed to these harmful products. Artificial turf reduces bugs naturally because it prevents them from getting to dirt, which is known to be a primary food and breeding area. Bugs eventually stop coming to your yard and you can enjoy a virtually insect-free zone without needing to constantly spray.

Reduced Herbicides

Like pesticides, herbicides contain toxins that actually harm the environment. They can mix with the ground and, eventually, drift into groundwater. That groundwater will someday end up in public water, killing wildlife and affecting those who use public water. A reduction is always good and now artificial grass offers a way to have a great looking lawn without all the chemicals.

No Fertilizer

Fertilizer is another chemical that people use on their lawns to keep it looking good but is also another chemical that affects the environment over the course of years. Like the other toxins, it ends up in the ground and water. Reducing the amount of fertilizer used goes a long way to improving the overall environment and your family’s health both in the immediate and long-range future.

Emission Reduction

Installing artificial grass helps the air! You may not think about it, but running power equipment like lawnmowers and weed whips produces emissions. Those emissions affect air quality and contribute to pollution. Installing artificial turf immediately stops all of that. You also won’t need gas or oil for lawn maintenance anymore, conserving fossil fuels and you won’t be dumping yard clippings into the local landfill.

Artificial grass is a way you can help the environment both immediately and decades into the future. It is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious people who also want to keep a beautiful lawn that is more enjoyable!