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How Does Artificial Turf Look So Real?


artificial turf looks natural

There is no argument that artificial turf looks good. It stays green and lush year-round, plus it is low maintenance. Many who aren’t familiar with synthetic turf wonder if it really looks like natural grass. Then once they realize it does, their second question people have is how is it made to look like natural grass.

Artificial Turf Is Like The Real Thing

Artificial turf is typically made from nylon and polyurethane. This makes it durable and flexible similar to real grass. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass blades are made uniformly. This uniform appearance makes it look perfect, unlike real grass.

Synthetic grass looks close enough to real grass that even pets and children can’t tell the difference. Children play on the grass with comfort and pets continue to use the bathroom in the yard without a second look or sniff. The infill, depending on which kind you use, add comfort to bare feet because it adds cushion to the artificial turf product. The best part for you is neither children or pets come inside with grass stains or mud as they would with natural grass.

Artificial turf comes in both short and long blades and in a wide variety of greens so it can be adapted to each property owner’s preference and the area. Many people mix the blade lengths and shades to make their property look more natural. If you are looking into different options, then our artificial grass product overview can help you decide which turf application is best for you.

The quality of the materials used for the product makes it fit the ground more easily and roll over the area is a natural way.

Installation Makes It Look Natural

One reason artificial turf looks like real grass is because of how it is installed. Those who install this product have a process to prepare the ground before they lay the synthetic grass down. They first must take up all the old natural grass, roots, and rocks from the area. Then, installers must level the ground to remove all dips, valleys and other problem areas where water could collect. Once the ground is level, a drainage system is created for water to seep through the artificial grass and infill. Having a level yard with problem areas corrected goes a long way to making this product look good.

Infill Helps Artificial Turf Stand Tall

One factor that helps artificial turf look great is infill. Infill helps blades stand straight and tall after lots of feet have walked, played and moved on it. A good infill will also help water move through to the drainage system.

Low Maintenance

There is one major difference between artificial turf and natural grass. Synthetic grass doesn’t require the high maintenance of real grass. It doesn’t require watering, mowing, clipping or fertilizing. It requires spraying down with a hose if an area becomes stained or has pet urine and some brushing to refresh the blades and help them look new. Learn about all the maintenance you can expect with artificial turf.

Those who love a nice looking yard with little work will love artificial turf. It doesn’t turn yellow or brown and can endure extreme temperatures. Installing artificial grass allows you more time to do something other than yard work. One of those things is actually enjoying your yard!