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Dog Baths Are No Fun! See How Artificial Turf Keeps Dogs Clean


Those who love dogs know that baths are inevitable, but having to give your dog a bath every time he comes in from playing outside is no fun at all! Artificial turf can cut down baths, reduce fleas and ticks on your pet and make pet ownership much easier for you.


Say No to Mud

Every pet owner knows that mud in the house from your pet is going to happen every time it rains. Muddy paw prints on wood floors – or worse – carpet are a pain to clean up. That doesn’t even cover the fact your pet may have mud caked all over them if they romped and played in it, as most do.

Artificial grass is the answer to the mud problem. It covers your lawn with a mesh backing, preventing dirt and mud spots developing from worn grass spots, dips or low lying areas where rain collects. The other positive aspect about the mesh backing is it is strong enough to prevent your dog from digging through it to create a mud hole. That saves your yard from unsightly holes, as well as your time and labor constantly refilling them. Less mud means fewer baths.

Debris is Reduced

Artificial turf also helps reduce the amount of yard debris your dog may bring into your home. Typically, a dog rolls around and plays while in the yard and his fur can collect things like leaves, straw, twigs and grass. While artificial grass won’t reduce debris from trees and shrubs, it can eliminate the stray grass on your pet’s coat. That means a cleaner pet and a cleaner house.

Insect and Pests Reduced

Many people may not realize that pests like fleas, ticks, ants and other insects are reduced with an artificial turf installation. Artificial turf covers something insect need to feed and multiply: dirt. Dirt has food insects need and many also use it to build mounds and multiply. Since artificial turf has a mesh backing covering dirt, it prevents insects from getting to a food source or developing a nest to multiply.

Installing artificial turf will greatly reduce the risk for your pet to come inside with fleas and ticks. This could mean less anti-insect medication and topical sprays you need to use on your furry family member.

Easy Cleanup

One really positive aspect of artificial turf is how easy it is to clean up after your pet. Today’s artificial grass comes with good infill choices and drainage systems, so your pet can use the bathroom as they always have without any problems. For urine, all you need to do is spray down the area with a hose and it’s clean. With solid feces, simply pick it up with a scooper and spray down the area.

Some infills come with an anti-microbial coating that prevents bacteria from spreading and prevents ongoing pet smells. That is a plus for pet owners like you!

Don’t Worry with Artificial Turf

Pet owners do not need to worry if their pet will love artificial grass. With blades that look and feel like real grass and infills offering more cushion than natural dirt, your pet will enjoy playing outside. You will enjoy your pet once he comes in. Learn more about how artificial grass can solve dog problems.