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4 Health Benefits That You Can Expect With Artificial Turf


Most people don’t realize it, but artificial turf can help keep your family healthy! This is one of the many reasons homeowners are turning to synthetic grass for their yards. Homeowner are finding the benefits of artificial grass go beyond its beauty and low maintenance.


There are four ways artificial turf promotes health for your family:

  • Reduces bugs
  • Reduces allergies
  • Reduces exposure to bacteria
  • Reduces toxic chemicals

Artificial Turf Reduces Bugs

Insects can be more than a nuisance. Some, like mosquitoes and some spiders, can be a health issue. Mosquitoes look for standing water to breed. Traditional grass can have spots where there are dips and valleys that collect water, making it the perfect breeding area for mosquitoes. These are leveled out and a drainage system is created with artificial turf installation. Also, bugs love dirt because it is their food source and a breeding area. Synthetic grass has a mesh backing that prevents bugs from accessing the dirt, so they stop inviting themselves to your yard. Learn more about how turf helps reduce insects!

Synthetic Grass Reduces Allergies

Pollen is everywhere three out of four seasons. It comes from trees, grass, and flowers. While it is impossible to prevent all pollen from blowing into your yard, installing artificial turf will greatly reduce it by eliminating grass pollen coming from your lawn. That means kids and pets can run and play all over the yard, rolling on the grass, without it making them sneeze and cough. The result is less allergy medicine they must take.

Artificial Grass Reduces Exposure to Bacteria

Lawns are filled with bacteria. From dirt, to plants, to pets, germs abound. Artificial turf comes with infill now that can prevent the spread of bacteria. Silica, a infill made from sand, has a microbial coating that acts as an antibacterial compound. So, you pet can go to the bathroom on your synthetic grass and the infill will stop any bacteria from spreading before you can clean it or wash it away. It works with all types of bacteria, so your children and pets can safely play in the yard with less germs.

Synthetic Turf Reduces Toxic Chemicals

Homeowners use a plethora of chemicals on their lawns to keep them beautiful. These chemicals range from fertilizer, to weed killer, to pesticides, to sprays for specific plants, to new grass nutrients. While many work well for your yard, they are terrible for your family and the environment. This is particularly true for pets and children because they are closer to the ground than adults and tend to play on the ground a good bit.

In fact, recent studies show today’s children are showing more toxins in their bodies than in the past. That is, in part, due to constant exposure.

Artificial turf is an excellent solution to reducing toxic chemicals. This product continues to look great without any of these chemicals, so you will no longer need to buy them. That will go a long way to reducing overall exposure to your family. It will save you a lot of money too.

You will find that installing artificial turf for your home will result in an overall healthier environment for your family. It will also save you a lot of time, which can be turned into quality time with those you love.