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Artificial Turf Glue: 5 Commonly Asked Questions


Artificial Turf Glue: The Most Commonly Asked Questions

img_1721At Artificial Turf Express, we’re often asked several questions about artificial turf glue. Turf glue can come in many different thicknesses or quantities. Some types of glue are more appropriate for certain applications, and less effective for others. Here are some of the questions we’re asked most often.

Do I need to use special turf glue or can I use something else?

Other adhesives may work, but artificial turf glue is specifically designed to work within the materials turf is made out from. Turf glue is better suited to be used in outdoor applications, where it is subjected to weather elements. More importantly, turf glue is very strong and lasts for a long time.

How much glue do I need?

Generally, one quart of turf glue will cover about 40 feet of seaming. Of course, it varies based on the installation, but in most cases, this is true.

It is toxic?

There are some types of turf glue on the market that work very well, however many of these are toxic. At Artificial Turf Express, our glue is polyurethane based, and has a very low VOC. The more toxic glue cures very quickly, so many installers prefer it. However, with the polyurethane based glue, it cures over a 24 hour period. This requires installers to be more careful with their seams. If you want to speed up the cure time, you can mist the turf glue with water.

What tools do I need to use the glue?

Professional installers tend to use no tools whatsoever. Generally, they just pour out the glue along the seam tape in a thin line. If you want to spread the glue, you MUST use a notched trowel. Overworking or spreading the glue can cause it to expand, which makes the seam more visible.

What precautions should I keep in mind?

Be extremely careful with the glue; do not allow it to get on any surface you don’t want it to be on. The glue is very difficult, or impossible to remove from anything (concrete, turf blades, skin). If it gets on your skin, you need to use a petroleum based cleaner.