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Artificial Turf is a Dog’s Best Friend


Jessie Alamedes just spent over $400 removing a foxtail from her dog’s paw. These grass-like weeds with needle-tip heads burrow deeply into dogs’ paws, noses, ears, mouths, tails, and armpits after being caught on their fur. The results are excruciating pain for the animal, and a hefty medical bill for the owner.

Foxtails and other weeds are just many of the nuisances that a backyard or dog kennel has that can be detrimental to the health and well-being of a beloved pet. Mix in a rainy day or broken sprinkler on top of dead or dying grass, and you have the mixture for a muddy mess.

Artificial Turf Express is perfect for the “do it yourselfer” who wants to turn a backyard or professional facility into a clean, non-toxic, safe environment for animals. Replacing lawn, wild grass, rocks, mud, or tanbark with synthetic grass is beneficial for many reasons:

Cleanliness: Fake grass is extremely easy to keep clean and odor free. With pet waste, it’s essential to keep an environment clean. Artificial turf can be routinely hosed to remove waste and allows for the proper drainage of both urine and water when cleaning. Owners especially diligent about disinfecting the area of fake grass can apply special products as needed which also drain into the soil and off the blades of synthetic turf where pets come into contact. Best of all, artificial grass eliminates the muddy mess that comes with bare spots in lawns or dirt patches. Clean paws mean clean houses and the elimination of muddy trails left from muddy paws.

Low maintenance: Unlike grass, artificial turf needs very little maintenance to keep its appearance. There is no mowing, watering, repairing, or addition of chemicals. Simply rake the blades as you find it necessary to preserve a fresh appearance.

Sturdy: artificial turf is built to maintain its form. With the application of infill, synthetic turf can hold its shape and thus its value for years. In contrast, grass that is routinely romped on by paws of any size will need replacement or reseeding regularly.

Esthetic appeal: Synthetic turf keeps its healthy green appearance all year long. With new improvements, Artificial Turf Express artificial grass looks and feels like real grass. We have many products and colors to choose from, depending on your preference. Urine is immune to staining artificial grass, eliminating a common problem of pet owners who want to avoid the brown spots and stains from animal urine.

Protects paws: Soft and safe, synthetic turf is soothing to pets, eliminating the dangers rocks, tan bark, pavement, and weeds bring to delicate paws. Owners no longer have to worry about cut, torn, or bleeding pads since the fake grass acts as a cushion of support.

If you are interested in installing artificial turf, our experts can help you. With products and directions available to you, our experts will set you up with everything to make your yard or business facility the perfect place for Man’s Best Friend. Artificial Turf Express in San Jose today.