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Artificial Turf Dog Parks – Why people are choosing synthetic grass

artificial turf dog parks

Many of our customers have been asking us questions about building artificial turf dog parks. We’ve seen them pop up all over the Bay Area. From the Perc Ponds dog park in Campbell to the Del Monte Dog Park in San Jose, it’s no wondering why people are choosing artificial turf over natural grass.

We see artificial turf used in pet facilities all over the country, and that it is even receiving celebrity endorsements. People are even picking up remnants of synthetic grass at our warehouse for pet use. As people in the turf industry, we’re ecstatic to experience this uptick in interest about artificial turf.




The Best Products for Artificial Turf Dog Parks

Recommending productsartificial turf dog park products  for artificial turf dog parks is simple. People usually want to know what the best product is, and what kind of infill to use. We almost always suggest customers to choose an infill turf, and frequently recommend thatch products. The most important aspect of any pet turf product is making sure that it has flow-through backing. The backing is sometimes known as ultradrain or maxxflow, and drains similar to a coffee filter, rather than through holes.

It’s also important to consider the best type of artificial turf infill. Sand and rubber infill are okay, but they aren’t the best choice for pet applications. If you’re constructing an artificial turf dog park, we highly recommend going with a coated acrylic sand or Zeofill as your infill choice. These types of infill are best known for their ability to deodorize pet smells. If you need to know more about the best pet products, please contact our on-site general contractor for more information at 408-317-4730.

We have recently received word that a group of people will be creating a pop-up dog park with artificial grass, so when that’s done, we’ll post pictures!