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Artificial turf, an attractive option for drought-tolerant landscaping


As drought levels continue to rise, home and business owners in hot, arid climates seek alternatives to water-intensive natural turf grass. Water restrictions are in place for many areas of the country, and some drought-stricken areas like here in California are offering rebate programs for those replacing their natural grass lawns with water-wise plants or artificial turf landscaping.

Lawn irrigation is one of the largest culprits of residential water usage. The typical natural grass lawn requires 55 gallons of water per square foot per year, or 82,500 gallons for a modest 1,500 square foot lawn.


That’s a lot of water to be saved.

Artificial turf is a smart, no-water solution for those seeking a plush landscape or lawn without watering, mowing, pesticides or fertilizers. Synthetic turf also has no brown spots, no mud, no holes and remains green year-round.

And what about aesthetics? Artificial grass technology has come a long way, and today’s synthetic lawns closely resemble the real thing. Varying yarn shapes, softness, colors and thickness are available to convey a natural look and match surrounding foliage. Artificial turf can be installed with other alternative landscaping to offer an attractive, environmentally friendly solution.

Artificial grass comes in many varieties, and a reputable synthetic turf manufacturer or installer will help determine the best solution. A higher foot traffic area, such as a backyard, will require a denser, more durable product than an area with very little foot traffic. A playground or pet area may require a shorter pile height and less infill.

High-quality, durable landscape turf installation can last many years, and in most areas the return on investment is 2 to 5 years.This considers savings in areas such as maintenance equipment, water usage and fertilizers.

When purchasing artificial turf, ask sellers to verify properties such as face weight, UV stability and durability through independent third party testing to ensure you are not buying an inferior product at an inflated price. Some vendors or distributors may provide false information such as embellishing face weight statistics to entice buyers without proper documentation to back the claim.

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