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Artificial Grass Makes For A Great Putting Green Surface


An at home putting greens makes for a great present for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day or just for your favorite golfer. Upkeep on a natural putting green is tough, which makes artificial grass the perfect solution.

Not to mention, backyard putting greens gives creates hours of fun for the family or even great practice time for those serious golfers. Artificial grass comes in many different colors, materials, and you can create any type of layout that will be sure to impress a golfer.


Artificial putting greens provide the perfect surface which is always ready for play and is low maintenance. You can design your putting green to any level of difficulty you would like. Create a design that tests your weaknesses and practice all your puts from uphill to long puts.

Create the design of your dreams. You artificial grass putting green can be as big as your imagination or as small as you need to fit your landscape. We hear many of our customers are happy with an artificial putting green as small as 250 square feet. And don’t forget that artificial turf is virtually maintenance free which will free up your weekends and allow you to work on your putting more.

Features to Consider for an Artificial Putting Green

– Pick a natural, bent-grass surface
– Read the green, as if it was a natural green
– Our turf is durable which provides you years of beauty and play
– Find the perfect speed for your green by speaking with our team
– Our turf has great drainage capabilities which makes your putting green always ready for play
– No mowing, no watering, and no chemicals to promote growth (pesticides)
– Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable

You can expect your artificial putting green to look and act like the real thing, with slope or size to meet your request. Create any types of breaks and ridges you would like. Don’t forget to add in putting green undulations, water hazards and sand traps to create a more challenging green!